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For Sale - Milano Red 1992 GS-R #777

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  • For Sale - Milano Red 1992 GS-R #777

    $3000 OBO

    The time has finally come for me to depart with my GS-R. I've owned her for 20 1/2 years, since May of 1999. Have put over 210,000 miles on her myself (car was purchased with 135,000 miles). Reason for selling is I can no longer use the GS-R as a daily driver. Due to it's age and required upkeep I just don't feel like maintaining it anymore. I have another car that I work on in the garage and at this point in my life I just don't have the time (or patience) to have to perform much work on more than one car at a time. Details below:

    Milano Red 1992 #777. Interior is 9/10, exterior is 7/10, mechanically I would say car is 8/10. 346,000 miles on car. Have all original body panels. Car needs a new paint job and window seals. Engine was dynoed 2 months ago and put down 144 whp. . I have owned the car since May 1999 (2nd owner overall) at which time car had 135,000 miles. All service records from last 20 years are available. Transmission was rebuilt 40,000 miles ago. Cylinder compression test performed April of 2018 with the following results: Cylinder 1 - 180 psi, Cylinder 2 - 172 psi, Cylinder 3 - 172 psi, Cylinder 4 - 170 psi. Car currently has minor coolant and oil leaks. Oil consumption is also visible in exhaust while on the big cam (have video of exhaust during dyno pull for anyone interested). All oil changes in last 15 years have been with Mobil 1 synthetic.

    Latest Maintenance Items (off top of my head, can give more accurate dates by consulting my hardcopy records (which I have for all 20 years ownership):
    • AC Compressor replaced and system converted to R134A August 2019
    • Alternator replaced March 2019
    • Front ball joints & upper control arms replaced late 2018
    • Rear trailing arm bushings replaced late 2018
    • Windshield replaced late 2018
    • Distributor replaced July 2018
    • Exhaust piping from catalytic converter back to muffler replaced in mid 2018 (muffler is a SS Greddy item, originally installed 2001).
    • Water pump, timing belt, valve cover gasket, spark plug wires and spark plugs replaced March 2018
    • Battery replaced November 2017
    • Exhaust manifold replaced early 2017
    • Engine starter, starter relay (located deep within dashboard), and key lock cylinder all replaced in mid 2017
    • Transmission rebuilt in early 2017, had a limited slip differential installed during rebuilding process
    • Front axle/CV joints/halfshafts replaced in early 2017
    Performance/Aftermarket modifications:
    • AEM Cold Air Intake with K&N cone filter - installed 2001
    • Exhaust manifold
    • Custom cat back exhaust system (cat back system was originally Greddy system, but everything other than muffler (SS) rusted out).
    • Koni Yellow struts - installed 2001 (car has been lowered since that date, on the lowest spring perch setting of the Konis)
    • Ingalls camber kit to remove negative camber (front of car)
    • Spoon Sports rear strut tower brace
    • Unnamed/custom rear lower tie bar (adjustable)
    Motorsports History:
    • 4 seasons of SCCA AutoX competition (won G-Stock class in SC for 2001 season) (maybe 40 events total)
    • 1 track day at Roebling Road Raceway
    • 1 RallyX event
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    Did you fix the passenger side water leak?


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      I have, but it still leaks "a little" every once in a while. Very small amount. And there's absolutely no water damage/rust/mold in the passenger footwell from any time in past when it was more of an issue.

      FYI car has been garage kept for over half of it's life, and almost entirely in the last 10 years.


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        Video from dyno pull (4th gear):

        And another one showing exhaust during pull:
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          Car has sold


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            So weird to no longer own this car. 20 years and 8 months. Here's one last photo, all the cars together (GTI is GSR's replacement).