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Ongoing Scam - "I'll send you $xxxx, can you send me the remaining balance?"

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    dont do it inform him you will not agree to it


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      HAHA Heres one of the guys

      Damn these guys are good, but the games gettin played. Oh. yeah that isnt my real name... i was just seeing how serious these dudes are... Its weird how the envelope comes from Great Britain, but the bank is in PA.

      Check looks tempting but id kill my ex before i cash that
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        great pics! I want one of these checks. i will get the word out to every person and anyone that will listen. i hate how people can do such things to other people especially how he says "regards to you and your family" what the hell is that! I hope these people go to jail, and get a treated like the women they are!


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          yo man i just got scammed for 1800 bucks. the guy said he was from TN.


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            Hey if any of you need any help trying to figure out if you are getting scammed let me know i have about 30 diff emails from these scammers that i have turned over to the police and have worked with them on the $16000 worth of fake cashiers checks i got last year. I will do my best to help any of you that i can and will post the emails up here if you all want. My email is


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              Let me just point out somthing. Many of you know I work at a bank. I put cashiers checks on hold all the time. If you sell your car and they give you a cashiers check make your bank put it on hold! I cannot stress this enough. Just because it says "cashiers check" doesn't mean shit. I have seen lots of these things come back.


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                i've had about 30 or 40 replies from people like this in the past selling cars , JUST DELETE and pay no attention to it. if it looks and smells like B.S. then its B.S. thats my business approach to everything, i may miss a few good deals here and their but i saved so much wasted money on B.S. that i am ahead.


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                  This happened to me, but the thing was it was in this country and I had meet the guy and spoke to him on the phone checked is license number and everything. It was all legit. Except for the part where the licsense belonged to another guy and it was just a phony. Said his name was Simon Grise. It looked all legit. I was selling a 86 RX7, I was asking a a resonable $4000. it was in really good shape. New motor and eveything looked like It was off the showroom floor. So I get a mail saying the guy wants to come and look at the car, but doesnt have the money. I was like sure come and check it out. He comes all the way from NC about a 5 hour drives, rakes it for a test drive. Likes it and says I will recive a check in the mail for $12000. I was like whoa!! why that much and he said it was because someone owed him or some shit like that. I get the check and me being me just told him to come and get it. He came and got the car himself I shook the bastard's hand right before he left. And all he said was send the Remaining balance to me when the check clears. 2 days later I am in the shitter. Took the check to the bank and had to wait before it would clear, I think it was business days, And by that time I am on my way to check out a college. On my way back I get a call from the bank stating that the check was a conterfit and that they would investigate into the matter so there I am no car or anything. Like a complete idiot because I trusted some one. That was my baby the car that took me 3 years to build, and I havnt seen it since. But back to the story. I was contacted by the bank again. Said that they had found Mr. Grise I go and speek to the police and they tell me that he is in lock up in NC, I was like yeah I get my car back and then Im gonna hit the idiot in the face. Drive down there. And it wasnt the guy who I had met, taled to or anything. He had his wallet stolen, with his license in it. So the charges were dropped on him because it wasnt the guy. So now I am up A shit creek without a paddle. The bad thing is it happened again but in a different way when I went to buy a motor for a car that I am selling on here. But this time it was cold hard cash I lost another $4000 down the shitter.

                  The moral of the story deal with cash in hand only. It the only way to go.


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                    Got this one the other day...
                    Hello Seller,
                    I am Mr Mario, from Kentucky.I will like to purchase the item you listed for sale but first I will like to know its condition and the last asking price for it.I will like you to know that i want to use this item in my new apartment in Cardiff city, Wales so it will be shipped to my location by the shipping company(Arrow shipping service clearing an forwarding) after you must have collected the payment.Are you the legit owner? because i don't want to involve myself with stollen goods.Get back to me asap so we can close up this transaction very fast b'cos i have another seller who wish to sell for me too.

                    I already knew it was a scam because this item he wants to use in his new a fucking parts car that doesn't run!!
                    and the wheels on that car will fit if someone wants them, let me know

                    Everything you're asking about was listed in the post.

                    Hello ,
                    Thanks for your reply.I am definitely ok with the price and the condition.I will give you a payment of $2500,the excess is for my shipper that will be coming for pick up,the funds will be used for the shipping of the (Toyota Corolla Parts car, 4AFE .}by the shipping company i use (Arrow shipping service clearing an forwarding),also for the insurance of the goods and will also be used to purchase the ticket to come to your location.The shipping company is yet to assign the person that will come for the pick up,immediately they do i will let you know.I want you to send the balance to my shipper immediately you have deducted your own amount for the goods so that they will come for the pick up on time.You should also deduct western union charges.My shipper will come for the pick up you must have sent the balance to them on a specicified date that will be convenient for both of you.I will be updating you about the payment.I hope i can count on you for my balance.I need to know your name in full, adress in full, zip codeand your phone number so that the payment can get to you before by next week.Get back to me asap if you know i can trust you for my balance and that you have agreed to the terms before i find someoneelse.
                    BEST REGARDS

                    So far I havn't said anything back....i want to get more info out of this guy but it seems to me like he's using some type of fill-in-the-blanks scam sheet. He didn't even remove the "( )" around item I have for sale

                    Should i keep getting more info out of him or should i just report it now?


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                      thanks guys for the look out... i have been getting those emails the past few days and decided to send him this! he was going to send me 17500 too bad it isn't real i would have kept his damn money

                      I was recently selling my car online, and was contacted by a guy name of Jimmy Cole in UK. He offered me my asking price with very little bargain. He said he would pay me with a cashier's check which will be issued/sent by a business associate of his in the US. He told me that the business associate owes him money in the amount greater than the price of my car and then asked me if I could send him the balance when I get the cashier's check. Surely, the cashier's check arrives, but being a paranoid ass that I am, I decide to wait for couple of weeks before I send anything out. I almost sent him the money when, the day after I deposited the cashier's check, I saw that I have available balance of $9900+. But I decided to hold it anyways, because now that he's sent me the money he's not going anywhere if the check is real, and if the check is fake, then I just saved my ass from getting ripped off $6000+.
                      Surely, about 2 weeks later, BofA withdrew $9900 from my account stating that the deposited item was fraudulent.

                      If I sent him the money, I would've owed the bank the money that I withdrew.

                      So be aware of this scam.


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                        This page has good tips on spotting scams. READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                        AND READ THIS!!!

                        I would say 9 out of 10 people recieve scam email and about 6 people fall for it. These sites help out ALOT and are VERY usefull.

                        DONT just deal with cash. Meet at a bank to make a deal and have the bank check ANYTHING before you finalize the deal. If you find that they wont make the deal at the bank then things are not looking good. I know banks are not open all the time but its best to wait until they are and deal with your money there. If you live in a town like me you can see a bank from just about anywhere you are and if not its around the corner.
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                          If you've got the time, this is a good read. A scammer gets conned into getting a tat, among other things. Fucking bastard.


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                            stunippirt : i read the whole thing ... haha stupid ass scamming P.O.S.'s


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                              I read the whole thing too lmao. Funny stuff


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                                Not to drag up an old thread, but the latest from the nigerian scam front is the use of PayPal accts.

                                Same get down as with the checks, but they are using PP to send funds, then after you ship the stuff you thought you were safe to sell cause of paypal. Ba, your money is gone or your PP is in the red (negative) and you are ass out on the stuff you sent.

                                I had stuff on CL and was getting requests to sell stuff out of state, or to send to a "Shipping Service" etc.

                                Like I said Same get down, same bad english, same sob stories just a different way to try and jack ya...