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Converting ITA car to PTF/endurance racer

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  • Converting ITA car to PTF/endurance racer

    Back in February, I drove up to Watkins Glen and picked up my new to me race car. It is a 1990 Integra which has been campaigned in SCCA FP and ITA since 2000. The new direction for it, since most of my friends endurance race, or run with NASA was a hybrid of Performance Touring F (Super Touring from next year on) and some Champcar/WRL.

    I have spent my time just getting the car back into good mechanical shape (plus rebuilding the front end after one of my drivers decided to learn left foot braking on his first session at Dominion, and took out a tire wall at turn one with overheated pads). It is an SCCA ITA legal B18A1 (stockish power) Integra with koni ground controls that have 700 lb front and 1000 lb rear springs. I just put a stock sway bar back on the front to keep my less experienced drivers from spinning it so regularly. Big, custom spline drive rear bar. I recently switched over to the type r calipers with Mini Cooper rotors (classing choice) with G-Loc R8 front and GS-1 rear pads. Will be adding ABS to it in the off season.

    The Dominion incident kicked data logging higher on my list of things. As such, I have been getting a RaceCapture Mk3 up and running. As of now, I have rpm, tps, 50 hz GPS, oil pressure, and oil temperature. I am adding steering angle and brake pedal position this month. I am looking at adding the factory coolant temp sensor also (has anyone mapped one of these yet).

    I will add some pictures as I progress the project.

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    I started doing endurance racing about a year ago and I have to say, it
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      Subscribing. Really interested to see your progress - and, specifically, that ABS install
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