I really want to update the forum to a new format that is easier to navigate and much more in line with newer mobile websites etc. This is an effort to get visitors back to G2IC instead of relying on Facebook groups etc, where information dies after relatively quickly. G2IC is full of information, but it isn't getting to people because no one wants to take the time to visit the forum (and also, VBULLETIN is old, buggy, bloated software that has been causing problems lately).

If anyone out there is familiar with forum software, PHP, MYSQL, and so on, please contact me at nfulfx@gmail.com . My ultimate goal is to transition the site to FLARUM.

I figure I will ask here first before looking elsewhere. I do have a two-person team already working towards this, but I'm sure more minds would be good to help push it along and get it done.

This is a paid effort.

Thank you.