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Project: Long Time Coming is finally making its appearence!!!!

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  • Project: Long Time Coming is finally making its appearence!!!!

    So as the title says im finally getting somwhere with my 10 year build with my 91 Integra GS. Story is ive been on here for years but havent really posted much, mainly just to read the great things you have all done.

    I began with my car when i was 17 and had it ever since (now 28) and i have been slowly restoring it. I wanted something of a show car yet not crazy but nothing jdm or stock. Im more new school but love this old school DA.

    I posted some things in the past on here for previous build but the progress was a snails pace at best so i never updated. Well i finally have gotten to it and i need to have the car done within about 3 months before i have to move from my house to another.

    As we speak i have the car completely torn down to nothing but a frame and just yesterday i primed the car for paint coming hopefully next weekend.

    My plans for the build after painting is the usual.... wire tuck, shaved rear keyhole and attenna hole, eliminate A/C heat , cruise control etc... but add some things that i like myself like motorized hood to help with cutting or getting to anything under the hood and also some special ignition stuff to help with theft.

    Also Years ago i had all my suspension powder coated glossy black and installed polyurethane bushings. Also re-did the factory harness with expandable sleeving and heatshrink.

    Plus alot of other things which i will do my best to keep you all updated. And i will post pics as i go along.
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    Ive added a couple updated pics in my gallery link above.....

    I picked up a couple of chevy malibu side skirts that i thought might look good on the car and try to fit them on, its kinda hard to say how they will look until i test fit my bumpers and rear lip to see if they flow well but for know i ended up cutting a little off and molding the end cap of the rear on to the end of the skirt so that it looks like a perfect fit, ill post some more pics if they turn out well enough to use.


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      Looks very nice! Good luck on your build, and please keep us updated on your progress.


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        Got the paint finally. I like my choice although i know people think its played out by now.
        Also some pics of the Accord lip ive been working on , gonna try something new with it.
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          And thanks Old dragon, ill do my best to keep it updated for everyone.


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            heres a pic of the shell before prep started.

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              Very cool! That integra is sitting low
              This sounds like my 88 accord I have had it since 2007 and have not done one thing to it (other than purchase a few parts)


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                lol yeah in that pic it has no suspension on it, thats is low as it can possibly go.


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                  Heres a pic right before i started to re-do it

                  and heres a pic from when i had it when i was 17 (11 years ago)

                  and here are some pics of the powder coated suspension. The green is being changed to a different color though.

                  and a couple of the wiring harness

                  and heres a couple of the old audio pics i found...

                  and hopefully ill have some more updates soon


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                    Daymn sir! Goodluck with the build! Looks like it's going to be a great build!


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                      what front lip is that on the pic without the hood? any more photos of the front with that lip on?


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                        yeah i got more pics, ill post them later on. I got it off ebay like 6 years ago. Its made of ABS and i still have it but a couple of tabs are broken but its for sale if you want it . Its for a 90-91


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                          its a type r style lip.

                          you've done alot of work, alot of specific work...i hope it turns out well man


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                            thanks man i appreciate it, been a long time coming, cant wait for it to be done though!


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                              i would possibly be interested in it for sure, let me know price and shoot me a few pics, tegramike@gmail