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Project: Long Time Coming is finally making its appearence!!!!

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  • the cerakote is normally used as a gun coating and after a lot of research by my brother (doing a harley project) we were both looking for something to be the best option for exactly those reasons you mentioned , thickness for easy threading and resistants to scratches and abrasion.

    according to there website and reviews this stuff is supposed to resist scratching , corrosion, bending without flaking and a lot more.

    they say its to be applied only at .001 thickness and i did a test yesterday of screwing some in with a bare socket and they held up EXTREMELY well.

    no noticeable scratches and threaded super easily.


    • other awesome part is it comes in a ton of colors and can coat multiple types of metals and plastics


      • So everyone I FINALLY hit the road with the car for the first time in like 12 years. Car drove great but ran into a couple issues.
        1. filled gas tank up it and pressurized so much that the gas came leaking through where the sending unit seal is.
        2. had an oil leak at the cam seal

        took the cam seal out and found out the person who assembled the head overtightened the cam cap and stripped the threads out. The gas tank issue however is still an issue and I'm trying to use the gas up before I look into it further.

        Also taking my car to my father in laws shop to have some manual seat belts welded in place and ill take some photos considering its impossible to find photos of this anymore.

        Also got some new wheels installed and also new carpet to put in after the welding gets done.

        Pics to come soon.


        • WOW, what a car.!!!


          • thanks royalsJunkie!

            here are some photos up on jack stand waiting to fix a couple little things


            • here is a couple of the piece thats gonna be welded