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NA 2.0L round two and exterior freshen up!

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    That older G2IC sticker still adds 5 HP to the end result.

    Wow, the smilies aren't working anymore. I hate this damn forum software. Can't wait to switch away from it!

    By the way, I'm sure you've realized how much of a pain in the ass the manual is due to the thickness and it not being in a comb / looseleaf format. I'm working on converting mine over to that. I'll let everyone know of success.
    NEIL B. - 1991 DA945. Owner since 1997.



      I think with how weathered it is, it's probably closer to 3 1/2HP. Need to get some new ones haha.

      The service manual is tough to thumb through easily, sometimes I think it takes longer to find the right page than it does for me to just try and figure it out or search for it on my phone. Although I got it because I don't want to have to constantly wade through inaccurate information, and sometimes it is nice to just unplug and go to work on the car.

      I also wish the smilies would go back to what they were but that is more of my get off my porch mentality haha


        Made a little progress today, went and got two set of jack stands so I could get the car off the ground for now so I can be able to get some of the suspension pieces off and get the 3" exhaust out of the way so I can do a much quieter 2.5" with a couple of resonators. I have something in mind but I don't know how I am going to to do it quite yet.
        2019-12-13_09-30-54 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

        Got the ITBS back off after just kind of mocking then halfway on, I am going to have to shave the air horns down a bit to be able to get them all to play nicely. But for now I got most of the wiring and coolant lines off the back of the motor and got all of the plugs that I will no longer need set aside.
        2019-12-13_09-31-58 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

        This is the mess of a cluster harness I had left my self with hastily trying to throw the car back together. I am going to figure out what I still need to use or if it will just be easier to run individual gauges like I was planning to. Kind of excited to get this started because I have always wanted to run a custom cluster, however I do really like the Canadian GSR cluster I have. So I am sure I will go back and forth with it for a while.

        2019-12-13_09-32-14 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

        And lastly the harnesses that I want to clean up and run down the frame rails, not going for a full custom but just trying to clean it up and get it out of the way and clean.
        2019-12-13_09-31-18 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

        2019-12-13_09-31-37 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

        ​​​​​​​And yes I vacuumed out the pine needles and will be working on trying to clean up the grime that has accumulated from driving the car as well as the torn CV boot and transmission seal that I replaced but never really took the time to clean it all up.


          Well I got to work on the car again for a little bit today, I was able to get a decent amount done. Pulled the seats, still need to finish pulling the seatbelts but I need someone to help hold the bottom but on the underside of the car.
          2019-12-29_12-06-32 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

          2019-12-29_12-06-14 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

          Got the heater assembly, and blower motor all pulled out. I am really trying to figure out if I should just leave it out or put it back in. But for now I need it out of the way so I can get the wiring harness all cleaned up and finish pulling the wiring for all of the stuff that I have taken out like the wiper assembly, IAVC, MAP sensor, etc. Then I can get everything ready for putting in the stand alone EMS when I figure out which one I want to run.

          2019-12-29_12-05-56 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

          The more I look at the wiring and what I want to accomplish with the car I think I am going to go with a custom gauge cluster set up. I still want to retain the stock dash cover and some basic plastics. Overall I am pretty excited to be able to get the car to where I have always wanted it to be. It will be a long process but I think I can get most of it done by spring and still be able to enjoy driving it again. It is a never ending process but it has been on the back burner for long enough!


            I didn't really get as much done to the car today as I would have liked, but overall it still was a productive night. I need to go get some sort of turkey baster or pump to get the brake fluid out before I pull the master cylinder and brake booster. So after I realized that dilemma, I decided to take out the moon roof assembly. It was way easier than I was thinking it was going to be.

            2020-01-04_11-54-26 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

            After having a sunroof visor on the car for years you start to realize how easy it is to not pull it off and clean under it every once in a while. I think the last time I even had it off the car was 6-7 years ago. Now that the moon/sun roof it out I won't have to worry about that as much.

            2020-01-04_11-54-44 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr


              After a slight fight to get them out I finally got the old rusty pedal set out of the car, so not I can get to work taking out the brake booster and replacing it with the Honed Development piece. As well as get ready to swap over to a complete hydraulic clutch system.

              2020-01-22_02-28-40 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

              Taking out the fire wall mat to be able to get access to all the wiring behind it so I can properly get rid of a bunch of the useless stuff that is left over from taking it out of the car.

              2020-01-22_02-29-05 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

              2020-01-22_02-29-05 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

              After pulling all of this out, I think I have decided to run the Rywire PDM system to simplify everything in the car and try to eliminate any possible issues. So we shall see how all it goes, still pretty excited to see how this is all going and can't wait to be able to drive it and enjoy it again.


                I finally got some more on the car done, but switching jobs after 14 years has been quite a transition. Been trying to tinker with a few things and figure out the direction that I am going to go for sure so I don't end up wasting money on useless stuff. I think I have figured out most of what I am going to do and what I need to buy so at least I can make some more consistent progress instead of not knowing exactly what I should do or complete first. So it has been getting more exciting and should be more clear what it is going to all look like and function the way I have been wanting it to for a really long time.

                Bought some solid shift linkage bushings, I decided to go with a slightly cheaper set incase I don't like them it is easy to switch back to the OEM ones that I still have new in the package.

                2020-02-01_05-32-40 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

                After neglecting this aspect of the engine for a long long time I finally got a catch can, after doing some searching I found a decent deal on one from PLM. Part of the reason I didn't get one before beside for the back of the block is how expensive some of these can get and I debated for a long while on if I wanted to just run two separate ones for the back and the front. After getting the ITBS I decided to put the four port one in the spot where the intake used to run through and I will be able to clean up that spot and seal up the larger hole I had to cut for the AEM V2 I used to run on the last B20 VTEC I had.

                2020-02-01_05-32-31 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

                I got a Dimes shift knob from ICB, I really wanted one that was not weighted because with my last super heavy shift knob it would pull the transmission out of 5 gear on the highway. I originally thought it was because I needed to rebuild the transmission, so I sent it over to my buddy and he went through the whole thing and said it was in good shape overall just needed a little freshen up. So after that we were trying to think of why and we concluded it was due to the leverage of the Fastlane shifter and the heavy knob being so high up along with the worn out bushings. Hopefully this help because I really like the overall feel of this shift knob and that it is the "Delrin" type material like the Spoon knob.

                2020-02-01_05-32-19 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

                ICB J-Blood Kevlar wire cover, mainly because I really wanted a Spoon Kevlar one but found this one and haven't really seen it around so I thought it would be a nice touch.

                2020-02-01_05-32-06 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

                Finally got the brake booster out, the amount of grime that was stuck behind it and the overspray from when I painted my engine bay a really bright orange color. Pretty excited to see how the Honed Developments piece functions and performs.

                2020-02-01_05-31-46 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

                After a long internal debate with myself I decided to pick up the fittings for a tucked radiator. Pretty much going this route because I want to clean things up and just try to kill two birds with one stone with me needing to get a new radiator anyways.

                2020-02-01_05-31-32 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

                My PDM harness should be in next week from Rywire, so once that comes in I can finish taking out my stock chassis harness. Hopefully I can make some good progress instead of small little increments but for now I am happy to be able to wrench on the car again!


                  After a little bit of a fight I got the chassis harness out in pretty good shape, didn't have to cut anything however it was a tight fit in a couple spots. And I punched a stud that part of the harness is held to the car with so I took a nice chunk out of my knuckle. But I guess that is part of the fun haha!

                  This is what came out of the car.
                  2020-02-08_07-48-43 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

                  And this is what will take it's place.
                  2020-02-08_07-48-29 by Tim Farrell, on Flickr

                  Overall I think the new PDM System will function much better and be a whole lot cleaner. I went with this system to try and simplify everything and get rid of all the unnecessary wiring and plugs. I am sacrificing the heater but I think that with only driving the car in nice weather and going to the track it should be fine. If not I can always figure out how to wiring something else back up.

                  Hopefully I can start to get things cleaned up and get ready for paint since everything is pretty much out of the interior. I have to finish pulling the engine but I am waiting on a hoist so I can just pull it out from the top. Once that is done I can get to working on the bay. Should be fun and I am happy with the progress I have been able to make so far. Still going to be a stressful stretch to get it on the road by spring but I should be able to do that if my work schedule has some cooperation with my plans.
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                    Holy crap, man.!! You have gone a long way. and, still have a long way to go. Looking forward to seeing the progress.


                      Thanks! I have just been trying to make steady progress on the car. It helps I have had most of it apart at one point or another so that is helping make things go a little quicker.

                      Got a hoist last night, so I am going to finish assembling it today and hopefully have the engine out before I go to work tonight. From there I can start to clean the bay and get it all ready to paint and get the new harness routed the way I want.