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Jake's I guess this is a "Build" thread

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  • Jake's I guess this is a "Build" thread

    This is what it looked like when i got it bad to my house, its an automatic 1990 Integra Gs with every option but power locks

    Paint wasnt too bad on the sides.

    A yankee magnet had been left on for like 5 years and melted on

    This hood had almost no paint left on it, 90s honda paint didnt have uv protection

    Previous owner tried to glue on the carpet with what looked like wood glue

    I had the typical integra passenger side leak i fixed later that first month, car also had a car phone

    Typical integra seat rip, found some clean ls seats in a pull a part a year later!

    206k when I bought it, im at 229k now after 2 years, I dont drive much

    Took that nasty cloth off the speaker covers and painted to cover black
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    nice start


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      took the rear wiper off the first day i got it, made a free delete thread on here, looks clean now! Heres the link.!

      Rear bumper on the car had been hit several times so i bought a new one from pull a part!

      Blew a coolant hose after a free way pull, luckily it waiting till i got home and turned off the car to blow

      This back side hose was the culprit.

      Got new headlights from a magical fat man named santa!

      Finally got a job so it was time to start throwing money at my car, ordered some wheels and some new rubber old ones were done,

      Fresh of the lift at discount

      I fell in love with the way it looked now even more-so than before but i didnt like the wheel gap.

      Wayyyy too high maybe i should order some tein 3 inch drop springs


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        Rolling shot on the way home from discount

        Got some mudflaps from a pull a part, we pulls the springs out before the Ups guy even got there we sat on lawn chairs in the drive way reading honda tuning until he got there

        got the rear springs on with my blue ricer calipers, ep3 rear calipers and rotors coming and mini cooper rotors on the front with type r calipers

        Rear end wheel gap

        Right off the jack took it for a drive when we got done at 3am

        The morning after I lowered it

        Steamy road picture about a month after lowering it its all settled.

        New brakes


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          looks good man keep it up. how do you like your suspension setup as far as ride quality? i cant figure out which ones to go for. i dont want to slam my car though, just lower it a decent amount to where its noticeable.


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            Got some less than reputable front and rear camber kits and lower control arms from a less than reputable website that rhymes with egay, after being told by the "performance shop" in my area that they were something they weren't.

            Its a little bit lower now

            Finally got tint that i desperatly needed

            Blew another hose after i drove to the movies :/

            Getting it onto that flat bed was a PITA, cross member took a chunk out of the concrete at the gas station and the drive of my house XD

            This is the hose it blew

            Taking out all the hoses and replacing em with all oem hoses from honda thanks to car quest!

            All my old hoes hahhaa jk they're hoses

            My radiator cracked right before i started on the cooling system so i ordered a mishimoto radiator and an external transmission cooler
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              Jalen I smack fender wells with my control arms so I wouldnt go with that low of a drop but the tein s techs are nice as far as ride quality but honestly take it from me saving for coils would be well worth it.


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                Why'd you get a transmission cooler? And doesn't the light output from those headlights piss you off?
                NEIL B. - 1991 DA945. Owner since 1997.



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                  Just installed my Hid's and got pulled over thought it was cause my headlights and tag lights were blue, but nope $218 fine for my tag being 2 day out of day

                  Got my new intake and my megan racing strut bar for a non abs teg and fit it onto my teg with abs may do a write up on how I did this. Lemme know if you think I should!

                  Took a trip down to honda day orlando with one of my best friends, great weekend!

                  Got some ricer stickrs down at honda day, put em as close to my engine for the extra horse power XD

                  Got tired of having gs instead of integra on the back end so i took it off and cut the integra emblem down to teg, FOR THE WEIGHT REDUCTION! Just kidding guys

                  got a 93 front end that had been wrecked from a car at pull a part i cut the grille out and started to do some body repair to fix the hole on the driver side turn signal, i did a few heated pushes and some plastic welding sanding and some bondo and filled in the license plate holes and got it ready for paint!

                  Remember what i said about those less than reputable parts that a less than reputable shop sold me instead of real parts?

                  This is what happens when you take a corner at 30mph with fake parts
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                    MY teg is autotragic at the moment so i have to have one the radiator from automatic tegs has a tranny cooler built in, and not really i didnt notice much of a difference between these and my nasty oem headlights!


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                      Why did you cut the grill from the front bumper, so far I am tuned in


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                        Brent, I just like the way it looks without a grille and some silver chicken wire behind it, I have more to post on this build thread but im just waiting to do it tomorrow when im in class and have nothing better to do!


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                          Silver chicken wire Eh? Ok


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                            I know it sounds ricer and like a dumb idea but just stick with me on this one haha I like mesh grilles but I dont like the look of tight mesh and I want something to protect my ac fins from getting hit by a rock or a big bug or stupid stuff like that, that seems to make its way into my chicken wire grille I have.


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                              You definitely should do a write up on how to make those strut bar fit with abs units. BTW I like those wheels. What is the brand make or style are those. Looking good.