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My summer daily/weekend warrior build!

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  • My summer daily/weekend warrior build!

    What's up guys, never really introduced myself here but here I am! Figured I should start a build thread so I have something to look back on! This is my 4th DA, and this one's definitely here to stay. Hold that thought..

    This is what I currently drive daily.
    93 Integra GS - Midori Green - No A/C, No power steering, No ABS.. blah blah you get it.
    B16 Hydro gearset in YS1 Case, with LS 5th
    Fidanza 7lb Flywheel
    XTD "Stage 2" Clutch Disk
    Exedy Pressure Plate
    2-1/2" exhaust from the header back
    AVID Solid Motor Mounts


    Anyways on to the new teg!
    Buddy I went to high school with who knows I love gen 2 Tegs texted me one day and said there's a 91 Integra that just came in on a trade in. I went to look at it, wasn't really planning on wanting another one, but when I got there I was shocked.. 240,000 miles, no rust.
    So I jumped on it. Found out it was a california car!
    Un-molested, completely stock... Beautiful.


    So I got around to dropping the boring stock b18 out (kinda forced to after the clutch decided to not be happy.. haha
    Got everything out of the bay and all the front suspension out, and truck bed coated everything! I love that shit. And it doesn't look too bad!

    On to the motor!!
    B18b1 Block - Bored and honed to 81.75mm
    GSR Pistons - 81.75mm p72-a0
    PR4 Rods with ARP Rod Bolts
    ACL Race Bearings Rods Mains and thrust
    New OEM B16 Oil Pump
    New OEM B16 Water Pump
    New OEM GSR Timing Belt
    New OEM Tensioner & Spring
    New OEM Seals and gaskets all around

    JDM B16 P30 Head - took 8 thousandths off
    GSR Cams
    Super Tech Dual Valve Springs - (for future plans)
    Super Tech Valve Seals
    JDM P30 Intake Manifold and throttle body
    New OEM P30 Head Gasket
    ARP GSR Head Studs

    Ending with a compression Ratio of 10.9:1
    Wish I would have chose a different piston for higher compression, but it's said and done and i don't wanna take it apart until i have to. haha so we'll see what it makes when it comes to tune time.


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    I learned how to make picture big
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      Mounted the motor up quick today to do a compression test, Dry I got 203, 200, 197, 209 and with Oil I got 235, 220, 220, 225
      Motor is coming back out soon to mock up harness and await for me to finish the transmission.. waiting on LSD, fidanza flywheel, clutch etc.
      Still need to get a basemap and obd0 to obd1 conversion harness. Then I am left with the suspension to finish. Just got the knuckles completely disassembled to get sand blasted and powdercoated. New Koyo Wheel Bearings, ARP Extended wheel studs.
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        Nice build. Gotta love the ls 5th. Vrooooooom, vroooooooom, vroooooooom, vroooooooom and then it falls flat, vroom


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          Originally posted by bonestock View Post
          Nice build. Gotta love the ls 5th. Vrooooooom, vroooooooom, vroooooooom, vroooooooom and then it falls flat, vroom
          Thanks, there's much more to come, as for the ls 5th I have mixed feeling about it. Highway = awesome, 40 mph speed limit confuses me haha 5th too high, 4th too low!