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Gt45poWEr's DA9 BuiLD Thread

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  • Gt45poWEr's DA9 BuiLD Thread

    Hi everyone!

    So there it is the summer is here and i can finaly start my project.
    It is a 1992 integra Ls that i bought in Toronto to an old women that were no more able to drive.
    She had the car since 1994 and at each winter the car was almost every time stored in a garage.

    So there is the car!

    Something that i will change...

    Twin cam yo

    I'm starting to pull out some part this weekend i will keep you updated!

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    Good start. Even though its auto I've began to love any DA I see as they are getting more uncommon to see in my area. Good luck!


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      Looks very well kept! Nice find!


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        Beautiful car! I hope you don't change it too much, a clean stock car is uber rare these days and getting rarer by the day.
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          That interior is flawless! Nice find.


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            Thanks everyone!

            I'm going to make it an OEM plus!


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              Nice find man that car still smells new car fresh!


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                Good to see more people from the area with second gen integra's. For a while I felt like the only one around. Looks good!


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                  Oh sweet haha! We don't see very well of those second gen in the area of Montreal

                  I worked i little bit on the car last night and i'm going to work on it today i will send you some pic of the progress tomorrow.


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                    Car looks mint. Great find.


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                      Very nice. I always wonder if mud flaps are optional.


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                        Thanks for the comment guys!
                        And i think the mud flap were optionnal lol anyway

                        So a little update. I have just start to pull out the knuckle and the trailling arm.
                        I'm gonna a put a 4x114 convertion from a dc2 and i will paint everything.

                        Little goodies from the Hondaday!

                        4x4 integra ?

                        And how she sleeps for now!

                        I almost have all my parts for the direction and suspension i will show you soon!


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                          Wow, that's a clean looking car. Shockingly enough from out east at that. I'm more than a little jealous.


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                            So a big update today me and my friends have just pulled out the motor, the front knuckle and the trailing arm.
                            So there it is...

                            The garbage lol The headgasket is blown...

                            I also start pulling out the undercoat where the wheels are to paint it with some POR15.
                            I have get out the front subframe to paint it and put it a new rack.

                            I keep you updated soon


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                              are you just gonna bolt the type r suspension in the front? or are you gonna have the stock knuckles and stuff machined to run the type r stuff on the DA knuckle? just curious, cuz my friend did his by just bolting it on, and using the hard race upper arms to make the alignment possible since thats the worry when running the dc2 knuckles on a DA