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    I'm getting the same wheel! That's my dream wheel the nardi deepcorn


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      Originally posted by jalenda9 View Post
      I'm getting the same wheel! That's my dream wheel the nardi deepcorn
      It's the black edition (black stitching), $295 on JHP right now, with FREE overnight shipping, its listed in the holiday deals!


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        Good looking teg and some good uldates. I always see arizona memebers on here and fb pages but never see any g2's when i take mine to tempe lol


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          Oh yeah I knew that looked different but I've seen that over there before. That's Clean brother


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            Originally posted by hb420 View Post
            Good looking teg and some good uldates. I always see arizona memebers on here and fb pages but never see any g2's when i take mine to tempe lol
            There's only a few of us, lots of DC's and EK's around. Next time you come out let me know, I'm 5 minutes from Tempe! RC's Garage is doing a BBQ/Meet in February, might be worth the drive


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              Everytime I see this car. I can't wait to find a GSR.


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                Originally posted by Reggieregg22 View Post
                Everytime I see this car. I can't wait to find a GSR.
                There's an AGP that was posted in Tuscon, not sure how serious he is about selling though, he made one of the "entertaining offers" posts...


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                  Progress has been slow lately, it's kind of a good thing, because I've been adding to the parts pile.

                  I now have my fuel set up nearly complete with the Skunk2 composite fuel rail, RDX injectors, and Fuelab FPR. I also got a DevSport tucked line kit because I'm too lazy to make it.

                  I picked up a CSF/RyWire tucked radiator as well. I'll get pics of that when I can. With tax season here, I'm thinking that a pretty big purchase may be around the corner. We'll see.


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                    CSF/Rywire Tucked radiator

                    And the Aeroquip line and hose fittings

                    I need to get the -16 bungs welded to my filler neck and thermostat still.

                    After months of procrastinating, I finally made it up to the local paint store. Picked up the new seam sealer and the paint/hardener/reducer. You can kind of see the sample color on top of the can. "Battleship" gray bay coming soon.

                    I got out to install the new fuel injectors and fuel rail. The RDX injectors with the top hat sit taller than the factory ones, and I will need to have some new spacers machined, but it sits pretty solid as is.

                    I stopped at ICB yesterday to pick up a few things. I grabbed a BNIB oil pump, Spoon radiator cap and magnetic transmission bolt. Always love going there, Matt's super friendly and it's like walking into the happiest place on Earth. More to come soon hopefully.
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                      Just placed an order with Fortune Auto

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                        Progress is still slow, they keep posting overtime at work, and I like money, so more of my time is being spent there than working on my car (like I should be).

                        I did have yesterday off, and used the time to rearrange the garage, and flip the car around (which was very fun with no front suspension on). Shaving a bay is definitely not an overnight process, haha. Here's where I'm at now. I still have a lot of welding and sanding to do.

                        I also managed to get over to 18Fab to get some much needed professional welding done. My buddy needed a patch on one of his charge pipes in his WRX and the guys over at 18Fab were quick to help us both out.

                        Blurb about these dudes, if you're in the Phoenix area and need anything metal related done, they can do it for you. James, the owner, does spectacular work and is always willing to help out. The level of work they do is unreal.

                        I just needed some simple stuff, here's all my coolant necks done with new Vibrant -16 fittings.

                        More to come soon....


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                          New ASR subframe brace, 24mm sway bar, and rear LCA. Quality is top notch, very excited


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                            Looks badass man, Keep up the good work sir!


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                              Originally posted by stealthbeam View Post
                              Looks badass man, Keep up the good work sir!
                              Thanks man! Hoping to have it running within the next month or two.

                              Yesterday was the big RC's Garage meet/BBQ. Unfortunately I was very much slacking on photos.

                              I can't begin to explain how stupid clean the blue EM1 that they built was. The quality of work that they produce is unreal. I am honestly hoping that my bay turns out 1/10th as good as that. This was particularly motivating for me because I got to meet a few inspiring people for the second gen community. First up was seeing Hasport's DA. The huge front splitter pulls your eye right to the bay, where the supercharged K24 resides. That thing sounds MEAN! He was a super cool dude, and based on my conversation with him, I think I've finally settled on a tuner. More to come on that later.

                              I also was able to see the Hush Performance EF in person. Wow. That's really all I can say. Just wow. Also, super cool dude.

                              Based on my bad experience with the raffle at the Japanese Classic Car Show, I wasn't going to sell myself short for this one. I ended up purchasing quite a few raffle tickets, and it definitely paid off. Came home with a bunch of new t shirts, as well as a few goodies. I won a Downstar VTEC solenoid cap and front bumper quick release kit. I also won a Hybrid Racing K series fuel rail and shifter cable bushings. Since I don't play with K series, I'm donating these to my good buddy back in Iowa. He's got 2 cars with K's to choose from, so I'll let him deal with these.

                              I managed to pull out all the crappy ABS wiring and mount the ASR brace and sway bar last night. Waiting on the coil overs to show up so I can put the car on the ground and torque everything down.

                              Crappy pic, lighting sucks under there


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                                This was a good week. I took a few days off of work for my birthday and got a lot of stuff done on the car. The bay is still far from done, but lots of progress was made. I ran out of wire for the welder, so here's where I'm stuck for a bit.

                                This is my life now

                                Bay progress


                                I took a small chunk of metal to the cheek while grinding, so I took a break from the bay to do some work on the engine.

                                New OEM oil pickup

                                I went up to ICB and spoiled myself on my birthday.

                                New Vision front strut bar

                                New Project Mu Lug Nuts

                                The UPS guy was very kind to me this week.

                                New Tanabe Medallion Touring cat back

                                New Go Autoworks Intake Piping

                                Saved the best for last. Ellis at Fortune Auto built my 500 series coil overs. Swift spring upgrade, 12kg front and 10kg rear.

                                I set the pre load and installed the rears today. Fronts won't be going on until the bay is done.

                                Hopefully the next update will include primer and filler.
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