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BEAR WITH ME! jalenda9's slow budget built boosted 93 integra

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  • BEAR WITH ME! jalenda9's slow budget built boosted 93 integra

    alright, alright....been through this before with little to no success(making a thread) but i'm going to give it another go despite the slowness of this site haha. I've been a lurker since I had my first integra at 16, 92 ls, 5 speed three uarters of the car was the nice b62-p paint and from the fenders onward was matte black. that car had structural damage and I decided to part everything out but keep the motor and trans and heres why. bear with me.

    I got kicked out my dads house at 18 and had to quit my job. my integra at the time was not a daily, it was down because i hit a curb at my moms house over Christmas break and I needed to straighten some things out. when I did, the caster was still far out and I was recommended to a frame shop. I didn't have any money because I spent my last check fixing what I THOUGHT was the issue. funny thing was is I took the car to belle tire which was where I was going to start working a week later.
    my daily I had prior was a big ass mercury mountaineer with the 5L and blew up, it was a ford with 250k on it. it was a gas guzzler for a broke teen.

    so, how it all fell, was I got kicked out from my dads house, my broke teg was at my moms who lived two hours from my dad, and I daily drove a ford on its last leg which blew up right after I moved with my mom. so that left me a teg with a messed up frame as I later found. sold shell for $50 and began the hunt with approximately one weeks time before I started work.

    So, my mother being so generous knowing I needed a helped me out and supplied me with the funds after begging her to let me go check out this integra in Indiana.

    I drove the piece of shit 3 hours home.

    paint was bad, linkage was sloppy as all shit with ebay short shifter, ebay can, 17's, ugly tint, ebay coils, blew out suspension.

    no more on that I know you guys are bored if you've read this far.

    here is what I did:
    jdm one piece headlights
    nrg woodgrain wheel and quick release
    dc sports exhaust
    fresh falken sn11's in 195/60r14
    truhart camber kit
    sway links
    lower ball joint
    wink mirror
    inner and outer tie rods
    alignment I did myelf.

    camber was at about -2 degrees of camber and everthing else was zero'd out. car drove straight and hard. little dodgy at times due to the camber at higher speeds.

    pictures explaining this and yes it has a egay lip and 91 bumper:

    my old bucket before I sold it with no suspension haha and konigs with really bad $50 bucks for a shell and decent 17's....

    okay okay....up to date.....well, I blew my engine up driver two hours or so back to port huron to my girlfriends. car overheated and my dumbass for some reason said it'll make it. no. not close at all my friend I mean..what were you even remotely thinking? I don't know but motors gone. threw a rod

    previous owner painted block red??? lol I don't know why they did that.

    so I debated hard on selling the car as is with blown motor and pretty much rust free.... after about 2 or 3 weeks I got offers but I could never bring myself to sell the turd that was now sitting with a blown motor behind my girlfriends house 2 hours away from me.

    at this time, my brother had just picked up a 91 integra for a steal and he let me use the old rusty but trusty auto 98 civic a.k.a the wotk horse.

    the cars resting place(for now)

    pulled head and separated engine harness then engine. bent my hf hoist and pulled it from underneath by hand.

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    so, then I sold my koni yellows and megan sleeves for $400 on craigslist and bought a turbo off of ebay for like $220. I found the small holset h1c(7-blade) with the 18cm housing. I did a fair share of talking to the shodan over on Honda tech, research on cummins forums, and the holset users unite thread on Honda tech. They are stout journal bearing turbos. fairly large but can spool up with the right hotside. so I want streetable power so I'm shooting for 300-350whp at the most. I wanted a quick spool so I swapped the 18cm divided hotside for a undivided 9cm housing from tims turbos. theshodan said it should spool like a older style garrett 50 trim and he knows his turbos.

    so pictures of the turbo and the old housing vs. new housing comparison

    okay, I have gradually upgraded manifolds, I had a ebay cast, spa bottom mount( both are for sale and brand new) and now a pfab tubular log.

    setup is pretty simple, and probably a little more then going for longevity and reliability on a street driven car I can cruise around in.

    Holset h1c/9cm tims turbos housing with 4 bolt downpipe
    pfab tubular log manifold
    38mm tial sport wastegate
    turbonetics raptor bov
    ebay fmic and piping
    vibrant -4an oil feed
    -12 an return
    aem fuel rail
    arp head studs
    stock head with possibly the exception of adjustable gears
    forged scat h-beams
    Nippon cast turbo pistons stock compression ratio

    pictures so far of the stuff and mock ups and things of that nature

    stock /forged

    old setup with spa and emusa wastegate


    current set up(not assembled)

    pretty much where I'm at today. wires are pulled into cabin for wire tuck. I will be attempting to paint the bay myself possibly a different oem color or mismatch to ideas/opinions. i'm redoing brake and fuel lines after the bay is painted and I plan on working getting the motor together and the last couple of things I need as far as that goes. hopefully going to be getting the head actually assembled/machined within the next two weeks then the block assembly will start.

    list of things still needed as far as turbo set up goes:
    catch can
    manual boost controller(possibly)
    various gauges
    vacuum block
    map sensor
    hondata s300
    and a bunch of other stuff like supporting modifications and the like.

    don't be too harsh as this is my first build after research and countless nights of reading things. so, if something is noobish I would appreciate it if one of you more experienced members would let me know. until like next week guys haha thanks for reading.

    also, i'm building my spare motor from the blue integra since it ran really smooth and didn't leak or burn anything. I also have the transmission.
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      While some might be disinterested in the backstory, I think it is cool to hear what other members are dealing with, lol. Contextually, it makes my own build thread a little less boring.

      I mean, where else are we gonna share our stories with people who half-way give a sh!t, and/or document the stuff we do to our cars? I am not about to start a wordpress blog just for a car, but I don't mind updating a thread from time to time, even if I am the only one who ever reads it. And like you have alluded to, I may be able to help another member thru the tale of solving a problem in my build that they are facing in their own build.

      Anyway, I read your post, and I give you props for breathing new life into cars that many people today see as "junk"... I get asked all the time why I *choose* to drive a 26 yr. old car. Also, props for attempting a Haggard turbo setup on your own with limited budget/shop assistance. Keep us posted, and don't punch any more holes in your engines that don't belong there!


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        Haha thank you so much man for the kind words! I'll try not to blow anything up this time lol. My mom says the same thing she thinks I'm just trying to get the car "running" but it's going to be boosted haha. She's like you might as well get a new car but I constantly tell her no.

        Also, small update. Managed to clean up all my valves at work today. Going to be ordering the spring compressor and lapping the valves before sending it off to the machine shop. Pictures of an exhaust valve that's honestly not too bad haha


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          I always thought it's cool how you would just casually have an ENGINE chilling in your room lol. I'd like to source a B20 block soon and tinker with it like that everytime I come home from school and work. Much respect on the story of overcoming adversity and having the balls to do a turbo build. I thought about it but my B18A1 is at 250k and my budget is extremely limited. I also barely know anything about engine building yet. And you're a lucky man finding a rust free Integra. Now you have an idea of who I am from my own thread and you know I'm just a little ways out in Detroit. It'd be great to kick it with another G2 guy. Take it easy man. I'll keep some tabs open.


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            Nice, i love following turbo builds! keep it up


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              I think its awesome. and u can really respect someone for going as far as it takes to make a gen2 bad ass. I know what a pain it is to fix other peoples mistakes but its worth it in the end right?


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                Sweet man, Its coming along


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                  thanks guys I appreciate the kind words especially from my home site. g2ic is like my favorite seat even though I use other forums.
                  Ra97, yeah man I was born in Detroit and my father was a firefighter for like 23 years there! and forsure man. I need to get out to some more car related things that way or we need to organize something one of these days haha and I have too much chilling in my room. I got like two heads,block, 3 manifolds and I just helped my brother put my old exhaust on his da that I kept under my bed haha

                  any how, I forgot to mention a couple of things so this will be like a update/fully bringing you guys up to speed haha so backtracking right now
                  I bought a sparco rev seat from a guy for $100 last month and I bought the plastic harness guides and sparco sidemounts for it. I just need a seat bracket because I don't think I'll be using sliders.

                  also, heres a picture of how the bay currently sits. master cylinder and brake line needs to be powerwashed and degreased and then scuffed,primed and painted.

                  passenger main harness pulled threw ac hole

                  and now for my update today.
                  I started lapping my valves. started with my exhaust valves and managed to get 4 done. I do have them all labeled and everything for re-assembly.

                  comparison in between a lapped(left) and unlapped(right) valve

                  I also decided to try this duplicolor paint called clear effex or something its basically clear with rainbow flake in it. so I did that and here's the results(its kind of hard to see)

                  plans are to order a valve spring compressor, finish lapping and cleaning what I can then putiing it together and having the machine shop check over everything. after that ill be moving to the bottom end


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                    I got my bulkhead fitting and tapped the pan. Yes it's huge lol it a -12 an fitting

                    Holsets like big returns so that's why I went so large. Probably could have gotten away with a size down but whatever it will work. Also, I ordered my valve spring compressor just got ta finish lapping the valves


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                      Looks good man good progress I'll text ya here in a bit but good work bro keep it up man!


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                        That paint looks awesome !


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                          Thanks man! I saw someone use it over on zilvia on I want to say their intake pipe...I thought it look sick. But, i've started a few things and figured out some stuff and we'll I'll explain as I go.

                          Basically, I moved the car in another spot in my girlfriends back yard and I powerwashed the engine bay in preparation for the bay paint. I got rid of some stuff and started planning how to go about some things. If I had to paint the bay any OTHER color than the color it is now, what would you guys who like multicolored bays suggest? I want something different but not super flamboyant. Kind of subtle but not a stock paint type of subtle lol

                          Anyway, onto some pics

                          I found this above the windshield on the passenger side. It looks to be surface rust and I tested the integrity of the area and its still solid. So I believe all I have to do is grind it down, possibly put some bond over it, primer and re-paint it. What do you guys think?
                          I believe it's from the bad install of a new windshield in the past.

                          I also removed that urethane and the trim piece and of course it broke. So if anyone has or knows where I could get some let me know. I inspected the metal underneath and it looked okay.

                          Money shot! dirty, beat up seat

                          I also, got the valve spring compressor and low and behold it was for a vtec head but I made it work by re-drilling mounting holes and I tested it and it checked out. I was not about to suffer for my mistake today haha. Anywho, I've decided to try my hand at porting and a mild port at that. I mean, it is just an ls head (which I have 3 of). I just wanted to blend the edges of the inner lip of the valve seat insert to have the exhaust flow a bit smoother with less turbulence. Also the casting marks are being smoothed out and blended. It will still be smoothed more I just have to get a bit to clean it up but here are some before and current pictures

                          From the port


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                            Exhaust port 3 divider before



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                              nice work! great stuff