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B17 advice? Just bought a super clean db2...

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  • B17 advice? Just bought a super clean db2...

    So I just picked up this gem about two weeks ago now and I had a few questions about catching up with deeper maintenance. It's mostly original as far as under the hood goes. It came with the wheels and suspension but I don't see myself doing anything else besides picking up some original gsr shoes for it.

    Its currently at 180k miles !

    ...So far I've taken out the plugs and saw that the my were fairly new(Ngk iridiums) and wires as well

    ...also I noticed the distributor was not centered when I purchased it. I was thinking about moving it to the middle a bit more but I don't have a timing light.
    I noticed it will drop rpms down to 400 after I tap and let go of the gas sometimes and it adjust back up to 800.

    ...i replaced the cap and rotor today (noticed that some breaking up in the midrange went away)

    ...checked for leaks and changed the oil. I put 5w20 synthetic blend because that is what we had at the dealership I work at .please suggest a different oil if you can please

    ...i was wondering about the breather box and was thinking if I should purchase a new one or do you guys delete this or what would be a good option there anything you guys would change or do right away that I'm over looking or I should check?

    Any other inputs would be greatly appreciated!

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    I bought my GS-R back in 1999, when it had 135k miles. So (assuming it was well cared for) your B17 is just getting broken in, haha! I've had an AEM cold air intake installed on my car since 2001. I installed an exhaust manifold and cat back exhaust at the same time, so I can't speak to the power gain of an intake mod by itself. But I do love the sound of the AEM. Just have to be careful of deep water, and keep that wheel well plastic lining in place.

    PS: Post some more photos of your DB, and larger ones too - both of the ones you have posted are pretty small.


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      I'd switch to a 10w-30 pretty damn soon personally. I use Amsoil OE line but that's mostly because I paid for the preferred customer thing so I may as well use it.


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        I've used MobilOne 10w30 for about as long as I've owned the car. No complaints.


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          Nice pick up! Interior looks clean. I would just do an overall tune up and replace everything - air filter (or add an aftermarket intake setup), plugs, wires etc


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            Some more pics