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[Request for Help - NorCal area] 92-93 5MT OBD1 ECU

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  • [Request for Help - NorCal area] 92-93 5MT OBD1 ECU

    Hey fellow DA owners in NorCal South Bay area,

    I am wondering if anyone is willing to help out in verifying the condition of my ECU. I have a 92 RS with manual. Recently I am experiencing crank but no start issue. I have sparks at the spark plugs. The fuel filter was recently replaced. My MFR was also replaced recently as it had starting issues during hot days. In the ON position, I couldn't hear my fuel pump kick in, so I went and replaced the fuel pump. But that didn't solve it either. I have check engine light that stays on. I used the bypass method to check for CEL code, and I am getting code "0" which means bad ECU. So I went adn pulled my ECU. I opened it up to see if there is anything visibly wrong, but I didn't see anything. Before I get a new ECU, it would be good to confirm that the ECU is really the culprit. Can anyone who owns 92 or 93 Teg with manual mind helping me out to test out my ECU either on your Teg, or test a good ECU on my Teg? I would greatly appreciate it.

    If I have to buy a new ECU, should I look for an OEM replacement ECU, or pick up a chipped ECU with basemap? It's my daily with stock components other than suspension changes. I might eventually upgrade my motor, but for now I am not expecting any any changes to engine...maybe headers and intake changes.
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    Found a stock ECU. I can definitely state that the issue was indeed with ECU. My Teg is finally up and running


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      Had a simliar problem I had the famous crowl leak and water damage my ecu from my old 93 db1 gs. Replaced the ecu and solved my problem


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        And I also cracked open the old ecu and found no visible damage as well