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  • Aussie K swapped DA9

    Hey guys,

    Just sending a shout out from Canberra Australia, long time lurker finally decided to register and post something that might be of interest to other members, my K24/20 frank DA integra

    Currently still in progress but should be on the road by September / Oct so will post more of an update then,

    any questions feel free to ask, I will try to answer as best I can.
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    Coming along nicely. Good luck with the swap
    -Nick - -

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      Badass, that's gonna be a sweet ride!


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        Quick update, builder contacted me to tell me that the physical build is complete. So now it just needs a tune, registration and me to decide whether I want A/C added to it or not (which I think I will if I can get the funds). Will post photos of everything completed as soon as I can.


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          Nice build. Makes me miss Australia.


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            Car is now built and the tune has just been completed!

            Note: At the start of the build we were talking k24/20 frank but ended settling on plain jane k24. Reasoning is that it will be more suited to my needs being a daily driver wanting to retain as much low end as possible but also in keeping the addition of boost at a later date in mind (Supercharging). I've never been chasing maximum power, if that were the case there's half a dozen other ways we would have done this, it's always been about reliable daily driver with good usable power.

            With all that out of the way, here are the results:

            Peak Power:

            139.9kw @ 7500 rpm
            200nm @ 5700 rpm

            Here's the video:

            And because I know this forum is based in the states please note that there's some strange accepted standard when comparing AU to US dyno charts in that US dyno results always read 15 - 20% higher than AU dyno charts. (not my words just what i've been told and read time and time again).

            So to try and assist in putting my results into perspective; stock accord euros that come with these k24 motors are putting down 95 - 105kw on AU dynos.

            And to maybe further help, converting to HP + 15% to "Americanize" the results: My results might read 217hp if I were in the states haha I mean no offense by any of what I've said, i don't totally get it myself but I am super happy with my results anyway


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              It's beautiful! Nice work! Have your driven it yet? What are you impressions?
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                I haven't yet, I drive down to Melbourne to pick the car up this Sunday. The builders "Elusive Racing" have just posted details from the build to their facebook page:

                K24a3 engine combo with a Type R Transmission and all basic bolt ons
                - 50 degree VTC
                - K20a oil pump system
                - RBC Manifold with a 70mm TB
                - PLM Headers
                - Custom 3


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                  Quick update. Vehicle is now in Sydney in a workshop with engineering, once signed off I can register the vehicle and will be on the road properly (I can then upload some videos showing how it goes).

                  I drove it over the holiday break from Melbourne to Sydney which is 900km trip (or 560 miles) so have had a decent bit of time behind the wheel now and holy shit!!!

                  1st gear there is no such thing as traction beyond half throttle.

                  2nd gear if I'm rolling along at 20 kph (12 mph) and ease into it till full throttle, I get traction to about 40 kph (25 mph) and then it will just brake out spinning both wheels again.

                  3rd gear if I'm rolling along at 40 kph (25 mph) I can put my foot flat and it just nails you to the seat, the acceleration feels how first gear in my old b20 vtec used to feel, it's insane!

                  However, in 3rd gear if I'm turning a slight bend and put my foot flat it starts spinning both wheels and understeering!!.

                  On the highway in 5th gear at 110 kph (68 mph) it pushes you back in the seat a little but when VTEC crossover kicks in at around 130 kph (80 mph) it starts really pushing you back in the seat and starts accelerating really quick..

                  Being totally honest, I feel like my 100 - 200 kph (60 - 120 mph) is probably about as quick as my b20 vtec used to go 0 - 100 kph (0 - 60 mph) it's just so insane the power these motors put out!

                  Anyway, really looking forward to having it back on the road properly so I can get used to driving it properly and put together some videos to share out. Engineering should be just about complete around the 20 - 25th of January so not much longer to go now!!


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                    Here's a video of a newer model integra with the same engine swap and mods and this is pretty well exactly what my thing drives and sounds like: unfortunately this guy never really revs it out but you can see the traction issues in 1st and second gear and spinning in third etc still:


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                      Sweet build! What mounts did you use? Do you have any hood and/or ground clearance issues? I have a K24 that needs rebuilt and want to eventually swap it into my DA. Until now I've only seen K20 swaps. Thanks for the posts!


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                        Very impressive.


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                          Thanks guys, engine mounts are HASPORT. As for clearance there's enough room to just squeeze a coin between the engine and the brake master cylinder (literally like 2mm or .08inch clearance). The other issue being height so had to trim some of the bonnet support beams where the rocker cover and alternator sit and the sump hangs pretty low so have fitted a steel sump and welded on a bash plate for protection.

                          I'm just in the middle of moving house so in a week or two I'll try get some proper photos showing all the work up close and will also try get some more videos up of actually driving the thing haha


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                            Here's a crap video I filmed light acceleration easing into foot flat at about 5k in 3rd gear.

                            Oh it also appears that my speedo has some mad delay going on, but I can tell you that it accelerates at the same pace through 4th and 5th gear... the torque is incredible!