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Post your age and how many DA's you've owned!!?

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  • 29 years old.
    I've owned 5 .
    1992 rs
    1991 ls
    1993 ls
    1991 ls 4 door
    1992 gs
    199 gs-r

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    • 28 i had a
      91 gs db1 milano red
      90 ls da torino red
      and now a
      92 ls db1 taffeta white


      • I'm 20 right now but will be 21 on Sunday

        I've owned only 1 DA and have had it since Dec. 2005


        • I'm 21 and I just picked up my 3rd DA9.

          First was a maroon, clean stock '93 LS which was written off a few months after I got it.
          Second was a 290k km old piece of junk '90 LS same colour as first. Clearcoat failure to all sun facing panels after a couple of years.

          Third (pic) is a '90 LS (only got the LS in Australia). Needs a bit of TLC both in and out; bumpers are pretty crap and has a few spots of rust but it drives nicely.


          • omg, you have a full oem kit!


            • Originally posted by MattyG2 View Post
              omg, you have a full oem kit!
              I was just going to say. I like that color though too. Is that horizon grey?


              • At the age of 35, will be 36 in December. Owned 3 D.As
                -'92 black, RS model (nitrous) when I got out of the Navy...sold do to poor judgement about street racing and lost my licence in SoCal (both San Diego & Los Angeles).

                -'91 black/painted metalic grey, then black again, LS model (all motor) built and became a theif magnet...scrapped and gave parts away for free to friends after I had to cap the fucker in his knee to prove a point to the last theif when I lived in Atlanta.

                -'90 silver/painted milano red, GS model (turbo and still own it) orginally purchased for my daughter, but she wanted a Scion XB. Tried to give it to my son, but he fucked up his grades, took it back and built a reliable, daily driven 328hp LS beast(tuned by Tony Palo himself) running the streets of Dallas/Ft. Worth! Now my son wants it back.............., buy your own now.
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                • I'm 27. I've had 2 DAs.

                  1990 LS, white, stock, panasonic head unit, boring.

                  1992 GSR - current. Search there is stuff about it on here.


                  • My Age: Old enough to know how, but young enough to do it again

                    My Integra: 1991 LS


                    • 18

                      92 Rs with b17 @ 15
                      92 db2 shell


                      • im 17

                        91 cdm DA9 w/211k miles, RIP(cubed)
                        90 usdm DA9 w 303k miles, about to crap a brick, new motor next week


                        • I'm 16, and only had one, a 92' Black GS-R (#599) .. don't have any pics at the moment =\ will have some once its back from the mechanics!


                          • 22.

                            3 DAs.

                            All LS


                            • 27

                              Ive owned 2 so far.

                              first one is the one i still have:

                              the second one was a champagne DA ls. I bought it for parts although now i wish i would have fixed it (there wasn't enough wrong with it to part it out) and sold it.
                              Originally posted by jdecks23
                              Especially in the Honda scene where people are cheap, do things in distaste and move on quickly. It takes a real tuner to have a vision and make it a reality. There is no better feeling than looking at your own car and feeling like "damn this is exactly what I wanted it to be." In my mind real tuners build timeless cars - not trendy ones, that means it will give you and observers the same feeling over time whether it's 3 or 20 years from now.


                              • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                                you still keep that thing immaculate? looks good.