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EF rack swap question

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  • No idea, I imagine it is the same though.


    • email sent!


      • Originally posted by mattminerdotcom View Post
        im interested in this, shoot me an email if you still have it.

        I will have it shipped tomorrow!


        • i'm in for second batch !


          • I'll take a set when available...


            • Where are they at????? Are they in the works?????


              • im in for the second too! #3 i need the whole kit.


                • You guys might want to look here for the 2nd batch, unfortunately all seem spoken for.

                  But it looks like anohter memeber might be making them


                  • Originally posted by G2guru View Post
                    Quick comments:

                    The rack swap isn't that difficult. I would say a 4 out of 10 scale.

                    Pulling all of the power steering lines with the motor in the car sucks. I made use of my angle grinder to get the hard lines out. If you are not sure if you will like the CRX rack, wait to pull the lines until you drive it for a bit. You can always go back to PS if you find the manual rack is too hard. I thought it was a first, but now I love it.

                    Use DA inner and outer tie rods. Only thing EF should be the rack itself.

                    Shimming the rack is not dangerous at all. It would be wise to use a longer bolt on the shimmed side (I did).

                    My car is daily driven and on twisty roads to and from work.

                    At first I bought a CRX Si manual rack. It was good but a little too sloppy for me. I also wanted to do the Quaife quick rack as well and it only fits the non-Si manual EF rack. So I purchased the HF rack and sold the Si unit. I still haven't gotten the Quaife quick rack kit, but I'm thinking about it. I like the HF rack better than the Si rack anyway. A bit firmer.

                    Lastly, I appreciate all of the measurements, but what I was asking for is the width (left to right) of the stock DA bushing. The aluminum bushing thickness is the DA rack diamter minus the EF rack diameter. I've got that now. I need the width. Thanks.

                    Glynn, didn't get back to your text as I was installing a B20 into my neighbors Integra today as well as rebuilding her transmission. My phone was in the house so I missed all calls and text messages.

                    I emailed the company looking fir a Quaife for a 91 Si rack and they sent me this.

                    Only one i can find that is for LHD. Before i go and get my hopes up and talk to the Iron Bank (wife) will this actually work.


                    • anyone got the bushing specs? i want to get one made