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  • my build thread

    Ok here it goes, this is my thread never done one so here is the start. Some of you my know the shell but that is all it was, was a shell. Everything i swapped over. wiring, motor, drive line, interior,hatch, hood, lights, everything was from my old black DA. check out my old pics and you will see. so i just want people to know the work I put into it and did not just buy a car an claim i did it all so its clear, thanks to jasper, 80baby, for the help an rollinmyda for help cutting the rear fog light, and my two sons for their help . thanks jasper for snapping the pics.
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    Pic of the black DA "donor car"

    Engine removal pics

    engine out, ready for cleaning

    The new rhd rolling bare shell on ej suspension with drums in the rear. haha


    notice the spare tires all the way around

    was given an extra rhd dash as well

    Interior all swapped over from the black DA with climate control (not pictured)

    engine dropped in

    Breaktime 104 degree afternoon.....good idea to start the build

    The was she was after day 1
    ....more to come
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        installed the suspension and exhaust

        tossed on the hood and bra

        Looped the steering rack

        "Got Lower Glove Box?" haha

        cut out sidemarkers

        installed Mugen sticker

        installed rear fog (thanks rollinmyda)

        MR5's on

        getting realigned

        HKS installed

        installed freshly painted valve cover "DA MOTOR"

        cruising down the highway, getting a feel for her

        Finished the whole build just over 10 days and made it out to its first meet "EF vs. DA"

        thanks again to JasperDA9 and 80'sbaby for the help on the engine swap and coming all the way out on a hot ass day....
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          cool, i see my car in the background on the 2nd pic and i think thats my arm in the that a stripper pole on the last pic/first post? haha


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            yep that you in the two pic an yep that astripper pole in the back ground GOOD TIMES ........good times..............


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              10 days that's fast haha. that's a really nice color


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                my odyssey 680 battery
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                  my fan
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                    another pic i found
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                      some pic of the spark plug cover i made

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                        Lookin good, rhd is the way to go


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                          nice build!


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                            Are those the Black JDM folding mirrors you are selling in your for-sale thread?

                            Also keep up the good work! Always thought about converting mine to RHD.


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                              great build...and in 10 days wow! I do about half as much work in 10x the time..haha