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Long build in process.

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  • Originally posted by aftermath1312 View Post
    I just read thru your entire thread and i just want to say you build a great car. Love the detail work you did on the paint and body.
    Thanks sir! It definitely has come a long way since I bought it. Though far from finished!

    Originally posted by Oregondux View Post
    Build is awesome man, love the color! Where can i find an antenna like that? I've looked everywhere
    Thanks for the compliments dude!

    Check out this post I made a while back... The link still works, so I'd just email them first and see if they still have them in stock.

    Snapped this shot earlier this morning. Got the tensioner and spring in the mail last night, so today I was putting all my new parts in a box. Just organizing crap before I leave.

    Red stitched ITR shift boot, Skunk2 rear camber kit, tensioner, tensioner spring, OEM DA6 sidemarkers and a replacement OEM clock... Mine had scratches all over the face for some reasonand I never got around to replacing it.
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    • DUDE!!!! You're awesome thanks!!!


      • I don't think anyone can actually say that they are finish with a car. It might stay a certain way for a time, but eventually it will change or parts will be added. In my case, when I started to build my car I said to myself "i just want an lsv and I will be happy." Now after 30k miles on my lsv, im thinking on going boost or nitrous on a b17 that I have. lol We never finish.


        • Awesome thread. I love the build. Good luck with your move and thanks for all the advice on the 2nd Gen Integra page on fb. My CRVtec now has a few changes coming. I'll reach that 240 whp yet.


          • How did installing the rear skunk2 camber kit go for you? I seem to remember having a hell of a time getting the arms lined up with the bolt holes.


            • Originally posted by smit7277 View Post
              Awesome thread. I love the build. Good luck with your move and thanks for all the advice on the 2nd Gen Integra page on fb. My CRVtec now has a few changes coming. I'll reach that 240 whp yet.
              Hah! Thanks man. It's not much but I have learned a LOT in the past few years because of this car.. good times!

              Looking forward to see what parts you go with!

              Originally posted by boltonhonda View Post
              How did installing the rear skunk2 camber kit go for you? I seem to remember having a hell of a time getting the arms lined up with the bolt holes.
              I actually haven't even installed the S2 set yet... Still riding on the RevoTechnica setup in the rear. If I recall, installing the RT kit wasn't bad at all. But I'll definitely keep your words in mind when the time comes.


              • Man this build gets better and better. It's like a fine wine. I can't think of any other car that's aging or maturing this nicely. Keep it up mang!

                Originally posted by unified112 View Post
                Haha I have a similar shot! Yours 1 ups mine tho :p


                • Too kind, brotha.

                  I really need to shoot you an email


                  • Not really much of an update at all.. but...

                    I still have that pair of "Mugen" replica sideskirts of my buddies. He requested that I shave the emblem indent because he doesn't plan to install any.

                    To begin with, I was on the fence between making a mold so I can make a set for myself.. after deliberating, ViS listed them as a current part, so I figured the labor wasn't worth it.

                    Well, after looking a week or so ago, their site no longer lists these for sale anymore.. in summary, I'm going to fabricate a mold so I can make a set of sideskirts for myself. I'll be sure to take photos of the process and show you (some) steps in how it's done

                    There really isn't much new that's going on with my car... Though at the end of April is the local yearly Import Spring Showoff, and my car needs a few things to be ready for that. Last year over 1,000 cars showed, and we're hoping it's bigger this year! My brother and I are actually sponsoring the event so we will be having a booth. Since what we do is more of a 'service' rather than 'goods', we decided the majority of our display is going to be our cars.

                    I need to swap in the 'new' OEM carpet that I dyed black. Even though I'm not totally happy with it... To install the OEM armrest (Thanks again rollinmyDA!) the carpet needs to be cut for the bracket. Might as well cut the carpet I'm not happy with, and keep my current OE carpet around as the spare.

                    The 'whine' I've been having has been concerning me. While people have told me that they have heard Gates blue belts whine a bit, my brothers car is nowhere near as loud as mine... both with similar tension. The only things I cheaped out on where the motor is concerned is the water pump and tensioner. They were in a timing belt kit I bought off of eBay which consisted of a GMB pump/tensioner and KLM belt. After ditching my first motor build, those were the left over parts I had, so I used them. Bad move, I'm thinking. I have a new OEM tensioner and spring to install, and am praying that my whine goes away. Otherwise I'm at a loss.

                    I do have the BNIB sidemarkers but am not sure if I can bring myself to cut up the fenders. Meh. Anyway, once those things are done, I will polish and wax the car, and be ready.

                    While mine is the more OEM-restore. My brother's '98 Civic coupe is more along the lines of a full aftermarket build. ITR Recaro's, Personal steering wheel, new black carpet, ITR style upholstered rear seats, BBS RS wheels,OE visors, JDM folding mirrors, Spoon side mirror inserts, Spoon rear view insert, Skunk2 Pro-S suspension, 197whp B16, etc. So our display is a contrast of what we can do.

                    Here is the Civic as of EARLY last week. It's been a 5-year project... going as long as mine. He has just now gotten the motivation to finish the exterior.

                    Said 197whp B16, satin-black engine bay.

                    Freshly painted, as of last week. The color is Tuxedo Black off of various Ford/Lincoln cars.

                    Shameless plug... Dunno if anyone remembers this car from a few years ago, owned by MidoriEKing. We had the pleasure in doing the bay and paint work. Sadly this isn't in existence anymore, but we hope to keep the standards going with my brothers and my cars.
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                    • Glad to hear you've found a source of motivation to put some time in working on the car again! Also cool to hear that it'll be on display to showcase your work!


                      • on finding motivation to work on your car. That last photo of the hatch is nice.


                        • Thanks man!

                          That Midori hatch had an insane amount of work put into it. Full exterior rebuild, full suspension rebuild, full interior rebuild, shaved bay, K-swap. Everything name brand. It was a beauty. Sadly it was parted out and now a stock LS sits in the bay.

                          I haven't done much (at all) to the car lately. Seems like all work and no play, as of late.

                          BUT, I *did* manage to pick up a local DB2 cluster the other day. It was a few bucks more than I wanted to spend. Though for $50, I'm not complaining... Much.

                          So, the idea behind the cluster was:
                          - I hate having a motor that revs to 8,500RPM on a tach that only reads to 8k.
                          - I'm tired of the 20yr old lighting that our cars have. It looks so dim and... Dated.

                          Now, the first part of that is just a slight OCD-esque preference. The second part however, is to update the lighting but also add that little custom touch that isn't entirely common.

                          I plan to follow in the footsteps of G2Guru/Dan and use the method he did.

                          This involves sanding and removing the 'tint' from the back of the gauges... And then running a string of LEDs through the inside of the housing.

                          Now before everyone jumps to conclusions, yes, I'm going with F&F bright blue LEDs...... Ok, not really.. I'm going with 'Warm White' which is right around 4000k color temp. Really I'm just wanting good output while night driving.

                          Cluster when i got it:


                          Partially sanded, you can see the 'film'/tint that is being removed:

                          Tach fully sanded:

                          After doing the tach, fuel and temp, I called it a day. Since the DA speedometer is virtually identical to the DB2, I plan to use the one out of my original cluster, that way I have the original miles for the chassis, as well as miles on the new motor.

                          While it would be easy enough to write the numbers all down and still keep track of it.. I prefer to rock the stock speedo.

                          LEDs are ordered and en route.. so now it's just a waiting game.

                          Once they arrive I'll mock up the cluster and make sure lighting is acceptable. Then comes the hot-glue to make sure they're installed securely.. then enjoy!

                          While some will likely be pissed that I'm doing such a thing to a DB2 cluster.... IDGAF!!

                          Props and thanks go out to G2guru for the awesome idea and DIY write-up. Here's the link to his thread to see the final product:
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                          • Dude, what are you talking about complaining that you got a DB2 cluster for $50? That's a STEAL. Price has come down a little over the past couple years (why???) but these used to sell for $120-$150 and I think the current market rate is in the $80-$100 range.

                            I really wanted to try this lighting mod with my cluster when I had it out but I didn't have the time. Let me know how the process goes, I'd still like to do it so that my cluster matches my Defi gauges a little better.
                            Track Project DB2 #896
                            LeMons Project DA9
                            My OG DA9, Wrecked, Stripped, R.I.P


                            • Hah, I know I know... Dude was asking $60, I offered $40, so we met half way. All in all I believe it was fair for both parties.

                              So far this has been SUPER easy. The film on the gauges does 'tack' up, so it clogs sandpaper. Other than that it has been a breeze.

                              I'll definitely keep everyone posted on the results!


                              • Colin if you lived anywhere else in the world you would realize how much more parts cost in cali compared to everywhere else lmao. You're always fair with your prices but the majority or people try to retire off of integra parts.