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  • Originally posted by Colin View Post
    That's probably me. It's a fad and I can't wait till it goes away the same way that undercar neons and predator kits went away when people moved on to the "jdm" fad. It's all one trend after another...
    hhhhmmmm what could be the next trend?


    • Not many updates as far as the car itself, save for this:

      Got rid of the RAVS... For a good reason.

      Anyone who sees me on FaceBook likely will already know, but I swooped up an OE lip kit this past weekend.

      Thanks to Agazzi (MrPenny) for making the time to meet up with me, and thanks to blakack as well for the hospitality. It was great to meet you guys and see your cars. Definitely a pleasure!

      The kit itself does have some flaws, which is totally expected given its age and how many people it has likely been owned by. The sides have very little damage, and more importantly, are complete. The front lip has a decent chunk taken out of the corner.. and the rear lip has a slight chip also. Thankfully I can repair plastic fairly easily so no issues there.

      Mainly my interest lied in the side skirts... But I didn't want to be "that guy" who made Agazzi split it up.

      I'm thinking that there may be a need for a '90 rear bumper in my future.

      The front lip is very likely going to be posted for sale as I detest the '90 front and won't be running it. The only question is whether I should fix the cracks in it first or not. Not completely sure that I'll get the money back for my time and efforts. Still undecided though.

      Either way I have nothing but time to decide what I want to do. I finally made the move I was talking about, so the car is locked away safely until a safe place for it here is set up.


      • Such a nice build! Nice car man!

        I'm jealous of your OEM Lips Kit! Sides and Rear lips have been on my list for a while! But my wallet doesn't allow it so....

        I wanted to do that LED Cluster too, how much did it cost total? (Average) Did you do the Climate Control too?

        Lastly, it's probably somewhere in your thread but, what's the color code of that paint?

        Oh and I agree with everyone on lowering the car, maybe an inch lol.

        Sick Build!


        • Thanks for the kind words sir.

          The LED swap was easy. $10 for a string of LEDs off eBay. $8 for a potentiometer (to adjust brightness). A couple bucks for sand paper and then the use of a hot glue gun. Relatively cheap, really. Just takes time and labor.

          I haven't done the climate control yet, but that is on the list of to-do's.

          The paint color doesn't have a code as it was a custom mix, not an OEM color.. sorry I can't be of more help with that one.


          • Awesome update! Nothing like getting your hands on the "holy grail" of rare oem parts! Congrats!

            Curious what your plans for a front lip are? I'm thinking the oem 92-93 lip is gonna look kinda small if you're rocking the oem sides.


            • Hell.. The OEM '93 lip looks small already, let alone with the sides lol.

              I really think that I'll steal Dustin's idea and run a gen1 lip. Or the JDP OE2 lip. Not entirely sure as of yet. One step at a time man! Lol


              • Nice come up Sean!
                JDP OE1, OE2 or a G1 lip, all would look good. Good luck finding a G1 lip though, those things are getting really hard to find.
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                • You're right man!

                  There was a yard with a G1 in Salt Lake... kicking myself now for not going over to see if the lip was present.

                  I'll get everything squared away eventually.

                  Now though, my next major purchasing decision is what wheels to get...

                  My brother has a set of BBS RS that he wants to get rid of, and I do like the look... But I also have been eyeing the SSR EX-C Fin for the last year or so.

                  Not sure why but wheels are such a difficult decision for me to settle on. Blah!


                  • I think with either of those wheels you'll need to go lower to make the look work. Idk maybe that's just me, haha.

                    Out of those 2 I think I'd have to vote for the SSR EX-C


                    • Well the suspension setup is a given... I'm going Koni/GC, as well as the HardRace bushing kit once the issues with it are sorted. And wheel bearings etc etc.

                      So the height will be addressed for sure!

                      With those 15x8 +25 Konig's I couldn't go any lower without a good amount of camber. Since I'm not big on excessive camber, they didn't work for me.

                      No slamming, but a bit of a drop is in order!
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                      • Sounds like a solid suspension setup! I really like the quality of hardrace stuff that I've seen so far and I doubt you'll be dissapointed. I am looking forward to seeing more feedback on that kit though. I just wasn't patient enough to wait it out .


                        • Not a huge update by any means. It's a slow go since moving, trying to find a good job and all.

                          BUT, this is small step forward in the right direction as far as the sideskirts go.

                          As you are all aware.. we own old cars. Hardware is getting rusty, and here is a good idea of what I'm dealing with.

                          These are the brackets that hold the bottom of the sideskirt to the seam on the bottom of the car.

                          The fastener is rusted solid. One bracket was missing, and there is some slight cracking of the sideskirt where these brackets mount.

                          Not only did they need to be removed to fix the cracks, but also to paint underneath them (when I get to that point).

                          I don't know any fabricators here, so I reached out to a friend back home and he assured me that we'd get them figured out.

                          The results aren't perfect, but damn close.

                          Carbon-steel, heat treated and bent to shape.

                          I'll need to drill the mounting holes prior to installation... As well as figure out a but/bolt combo to make them securely fasten to the seam of the car.

                          As I said though, a small step in the right direction that makes me even more excited about getting these babies installed!

                          Now... I think I'm going to end up rocking the rear lip, which means a '90-91 bumper is needed.

                          That leaves me with the front bumper...

                          What front lips are out there for us '92+ guys? I like the idea of the JDP OE2, as far as styling.. but I don't care for CF on my car... Nor do I want to end up crushing a carbon lip.

                          Alternatives, recommendations, opinions? All are welcome!
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                          • That's awesome! Those were in really rough shape!

                            Jdp makes their OE2 in fiberglass too. About $50 cheaper than the carbon version if your only concern was painting it. I doubt the fiberglass version would be much more durable than the carbon fiber though. Its fairly thin and if it gets smacked on anything I'm sure it would crack easily too.


                            • Hmm.. the positive to that though is I have an extensive knowledge of fiberglass repair..

                              Really didn't think of that option.. thanks for enlightening me dude!


                              • I ended up cracking my oe2 didnt realized theres a bump in the parking just heard the sound lol. Now I dont know if its fixable Im still rocking it though.