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  • what's up dude?

    I've enjoyed your text-message status updates lol. Hope things are going well over there brother.

    Stay tuned folks... I will be updating this thread around Christmas with info and pictures of my recent purchases


    • I'll be waiting for those updates bro


      • First off.. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this season has been great for everyone, and hope for an even better year to come!

        Now... I did indeed visit home for the holidays. It's been great... Much catching up and staying busy with family and friends. Sadly, this translated into little-to-no time to work on car stuff. But I will at least update everyone on the recent purchases that have been made.

        For anyone I chat with through FaceBook, this may be a bit of a review, but here we go...

        First up, JDM power folding mirrors. I got them locally for a very good deal.

        The purchase came with pigtails and switch, but no relay.

        Though my brother happens to be kick-ass, and he got me a nice christmas gift.

        I'll continue with the presents from this season.
        This was a group effort from my family.. my brother got me a nice collection of Central Pneumatic stuff from HarborFreight. Straight Grinder, Angle Grinder and Palm Sander. While they may only be HF products, we have used them in our shop for the last 4+ years and they hold up very well for the price. Since I've moved, he figured they would come in handy for any projects I take on in my new location. My significant other got me a full LED conversion for the DA, as well as a shirt to promote lol. Their products have been great for the Subaru so far, so Brake/Corner/Turn signals will be a much-needed update compared to the 20-year-old lighting that comes on our cars. Lastly, the very nice plastic-welding kit. This will come in EXTREMELY handy for the repairs needed for my OE Lip Kit.

        And from the homie Deceptakahn, he made me an awesome deal on these emblems. Anyone who has looked recently, knows that these two are discontinued. The other two I have bought brand new, and my current ones were all pitted and nasty. These ones will be a great addition to the exterior of my car.

        Yes I went with USDM ones. Shoot me. Seems like everyone is steering away from the US stuff... I prefer it.

        For anyone who remembers MidoriEKing and his awesome EK... After he sold that, he had a project CRX that he was going to build, and I polished this Fluidyne radiator for him. Needless to say, the project never came to fruition. Three years later, the radiator (still masked off from when I polished it) falls into my hands. Sweet!

        It needs to be touched up, but it will look nice compared to the plastic one that's being currently used.

        This is something I've been wanting for a long time... The buddy DB2Red/Troy hooked me up nice!

        They are in very good condition for their age, but naturally they need some cleaning up, being 20 years old and all. No cracks or anything crazy, just scuffs from wear-and-tear.

        This is a before:

        This is after a quick buff. This is the one thing I had a chance to put a little work into. I simply wanted to see how they will clean up so I know what I'm dealing with.

        My brother came through again and hooked me up with a nice rear-strut bar. It is originally an EK bar, but I will see what it takes to make fit my chassis. Would rather not cut the panels, but we'll see what it takes.

        Lastly... My FB friends surely know about this...

        In all its glory, a Fugen front and rear bumper. Really, I only like the rear.. But I came up on an awesome deal that worked out for DAnny88 and I, so we jumped on it.

        They both need some (a LOT of) work... but my end-plan is going to be: a '90-91 rear bumper to pair with the OE lip; a '90-91 bumper to go with the Fugen rear cover; and to keep my '92-93 rear cover just to swap back and forth.

        The front end will likely just be a '92-93 JDP OE2 front lip, paint matched, and call it good.

        Well... There you have it.. That is my years-end update.

        Input and opinions are always welcome!

        Hope you guys (and gals) are doing well, and Happy New Years (in four minutes).. and here I am on the PC.. gah! Gotta go!
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        • Heckuva year end update! Good stuff Sean! I love some updates on this thread! Not all of us use social media so feel free to update those of us who dont as you go. I dont want to miss anything...


          • Thanks buddy! I'll surely keep everyone up to date.. really just want to have substancial updates rather than small tidbits here and there.

            Thanks for checking in!


            • Can't wait to see the car with these new exterior parts, it's really going to help "finish" it off.
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              • Me too man, I'm excited! Just wish I had more wrench-time.

                But, I'm starting a new job on Monday (fucking w00t!). Hopefully in the coming months I can get some necessities out of the way.. bushing kit and new hubs, etc. Also wheels and suspension, which I've been saying for ever.

                This should be a good year as far as parts buying goes.


                • One more Christmas present, that was apparently on backorder during the holidays, arrived today.

                  w00t! So stoked.. these things have been on my wish list for quite some time.

                  The ones currently on the car are knockoff Rayz lugs and, of course, they are shitty quality and are starting to strip my lug studs.

                  Considering how old the studs are, I want to replace them all anyways. So naturally, some quality lugs are in order.

                  These Project Kics are awesome.

                  Not only are they of higher quality material.. the seat has an integrated bearing in it... The seat spins independently of the lug.. meaning when you torque them down, there will be ZERO mareing of the wheel surface. Keeping your (high dollar) wheels free of any excessive damage from torwued lug nuts.

                  May be a bit of an unnecessary 'cool guy' item.. but I love them already. Just by the feel of them it's easy to see that they are constructed very well.


                  • Woah, I've never seen any lug nuts with the bearing face like that. That's awesome! You gonna replace the studs with OEM or extended?


                    • Yeah man, it's a pretty cool idea..

                      Volk Rays has a similar setup on their top end lugs.. but they're near $400 a set.

                      I really don't care for the extended lug studs. Though I understand the reason for using them, just don't care for the look.

                      As much as I'd love to use ARP studs, they only offer extended. Really think I'm going to end up using OE and calling it a day.


                      • Yeah, you can't go wrong with OEM replacements. The originals lasted over 20 years right? I was just curious because the lug nuts are open ended. If you're not running spacers I don't see a need for extended studs anyway, and I don't like the look either.


                        • So....I pulled the trigger on the wheel studs, and actually bought a couple extra just in case.

                          Also, this recently popped up on good 'ol FaceBook for a steal of a price. It's OEM, and though it has a couple small tears in it, I really think it is a good idea for those long highway drives. All straps and fasteners are in tact. For $50 shipped, I feel it was a good deal.

                          I told myself that with each check I'm going to get something small for the car. So far, the plan is working. Just trying to fight the urge to keep on track lol.

                          Next will be new hubs/bearings... New bushing kit (still undecided if it will be HardRace, ES, or OEM), and eventually the coilovers. All in due time...


                          • im usually not a fan of 15's on days but these ook great on your car! im still hunting for wheels and tried to find any ce28 rep in a 16 and had no luck.. and cant do 15 cuz i already have my new neoens in 16


                            • Just for a future reference ARP does make a short wheel stud.


                              • Damnit!

                                I may have to grab those.

                                When searching prior all I could find were the extended studs.

                                Thanks for the help!