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Long build in process.

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  • Long build in process.

    Well this is prettymuch a re-trace of the history of me getting my DA until present day.

    I've been into Hondas since I was like 12-13 (am 24 now). But when the time came to buy my last car, I was bitten by the Subaru bug and I very nearly picked up a 2000 Subaru 2.5RS. After test-driving it and feeling the power virtually disappear at 5,000RPM.. I realized how much I would miss the high-revving world of Honda..

    I decided I didn't want to get the tried-and-tired Civic Hatch, or the DC Integra.. I do like EK Coupes, but still wanted something different.. It was then that I really noticed the DA and how un-common it is around my area. After about a week I had plans to go see two different DA's. Upon calling the owner of the first car, I found it had been sold. Meh... So I called on the second one and went to see it.

    I instantly loved it. The next day I returned to the guys house with $2650 in cash and drove my baby home.

    I'll first list the mods, then will document the history with pics that I have. Motor has 0 miles on it as it was just barely installed, and still waiting to paint the shell.

    LS Mesh wheels; wrapped in BF Goodrich G-Force Sports in 195/50/15.
    OEM Front License Plate Removal Plugs
    Acura Legend Yellow Fog-Light Mod, with the Fog-light switch mod.
    S2K Style Antenna

    Skunk2 Pro-S Coilovers
    SuspensionTechniques Front and Rear Swaybars
    RevoTechnica Front/Rear Camber Kit
    HaSport Billet Aluminum MotorMounts

    Motor, freshly built.
    - B18B, 81.5MM bore, fresh from the machine shop
    - Micro-Polished B18B Crank
    - BC B18B Rods w/ ARP 2000 studs
    - JE Pistons, 11.6:1'ish compression
    - Calico Bearings all around
    - ARP Main Bolts
    - ARP Headstuds
    - OEM ITR Oil Pump
    - GMB Water Pump
    - Gates Racing Blue Timing Belt

    - '99 B16a3 PR3 Head
    - Fresh 3-angle valvejob
    - '00 JDM ITR/CTR P73 Cams
    - Skunk2 Pro-Series Adjustable Cam Gears
    - ITR Lost Motion Assemblies
    - ITR Dual Valve Springs/Retainers
    - ITR P73 Type-R Intake Manifold, port-matched to theottlebody
    - OmniPower 70mm throttle body
    - eBay 4-1 header; 2.5" Collector
    - RS*R ExMAG Exhaust System
    - CarSOUND 2.5" Hi-Flow Cat

    '91 JDM XSi/B16 trans with 4.4 Final Drive
    Raybestos OEM-Replacement Clutch Disk
    Exedy OEM-Replacement Pressure Plate
    B18B Flywheel, freshly balanced

    OEM Non-A/C Firewall plug
    OEM Non-A/C Heater Duct
    A/C Delete
    P/S Delete with in-line filter
    JDM One-Piece Headlights (soon to be installed)
    GoldenEagle LS-Vtec Kit

    First day; The Test Drive:

    The next day at its new home; next to my hooptie:

    After owning it for a few months, I did some absolutely necessary mods.

    Skunk2 Pro-S Coilover Setup:


    Suspension Techniques front/rear Swaybars; Purchased from a g2ic member:

    After the drop:
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    Decent side-shot after the drop; not too low, not too 4x4:

    After a nice bath, with my buddies B16B-swapped EK:

    Right after the new wheels + height adjustment & alignment:

    At my first local car-meet:


    Fresh from the machine shop:

    Mmmm.. Goodies!:

    JE Piston; Dome Height of 4.2mm/cc:

    P73 Intake Manifold Compared to the Stock B16 one:
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      The reason I decided to repaint was, the previous owner had a Maaco paintjob done.. It actually looked alright, but it had the orange-peel/texture to it. I decided to wetsand and buff the orange peel away, but the paint was so thin that I actually went through the clearcoat and paint. I didnt want to repaint over the existing stuff and have like 8+ layers of paint/clear/primer etc on the body, so I decided to strip all the paint off and re-do it.

      Orange Peel compared to the fender I sanded/buffed:

      S2k style-antenna test fit:

      I loves me some Jasco paint-stripper!

      Ready for Primer:

      Brother laying it down!


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        Out with the old:

        Fresh from the shop:

        eBay Header; not as bad as I had imagined, really:

        Slowly Getting Test-fit and assembled:

        In With The New:

        I just like this view for some reason:

        Radiator in, §§§§§ in, Clutch Cable hooked up, nearly finished:


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          Where Im at now is.. I still need to install the RS*R exhaust and CarSound cat.. then the motor and suspension is done for a while an I'll be focusing on getting the body in paint. Any feedback is appreciated, negative and positive. Just figured I'd share what I've been doing to my DA lately.


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            Wow, looking great! Can't wait to see it finished up and repainted!


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              Thanks.. Will definitely keep updated as I go along. Its been slow-going lately, but it WILL be done soon!


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                sweet build!


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                  nice build! engine looks mint man. did u paint strip the whole car?


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                    looks good, its going to be a sweet car


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                      you keeping the meshies? or you got other plans?


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                        I like the meshes.. but they're not in the best condition.. the clearcoat is peeling on two of them.

                        I'd love to get some Rota JMags (Shoot me if you will but I wont pay $1300 for a genuine set of Mugens), but right now I'm broke.

                        Still need to save up or a tune ($500'ish) and registration/emissions/safety.

                        I'll probably keep the meshies, and save up for a 'nice' set of wheels.


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                          i had jmags when they first came out. didn't like em. looked real cheap. meshies are better, IMO. gotta work with what you have sometimes, i know. i'd put the money towards some kick ass tires. tires>rims. just me though


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                            True that.. I dig the tires I have now.. they're pretty grippy.

                            As far as rims, I was quoted $100/ea to re-finish the meshies to an oem quality finish... HMMMM...


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                              up to you. i wouldnt put that kinda flow into meshies. would just save till i found something i really liked. something oddball or a fluke, off craigslist or a yard sale or something f'd up like that. then refinish myself. there's a tonne of cool used rims you can have shipped from overseas. not terribly expensive either. once again, just me though