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92BlueTeg's All Motor ITB build and restoration thread

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  • Wow, time flies. I'm ashamed to say there has been nothing new done to the Teg since the last update on 2016.

    To be fair, I've been collecting parts the past few years, but it has been disheartening to see some of the parts I've put on start to show corrosion.

    Well, we recently purchased a house after a few years of looking. I just bought a cheap set of used wheels to replace the dry rotten steelies and get the car towed when this happened a few days later.

    Second time a car port has fallen on the car. A few new dents and scratches, i'll be honest I think the carport did more damage to the car then just leaving it out in the elements. I needed just one more week to get the car over

    Called AAA for a "broken down" car and had it towed over to the house

    I was able to get the Teg to fit in the garage with the daily (2018 STI) sitting on rollers to move around when needed

    You may notice this in the pics above, installed just to make it look like it was potentially still a running car for the tow.

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    • Hey man glad to see you still have the Teg! Congrats on the house. Hopefully I'll see ya around this summer?


      • Thanks Jon. I hope to be around this summer. Any shows you plan on hitting? I haven