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Teg Tip: Fast Idle Thermo Valve (FITV) adjustment/removal/internals

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    fu@@#$@#$# thanks for the help, i had bout 2 weeks looking for the problem and trying to fix the high ilde, then i found myself here reading all this threads and honestly i've learnt a lot THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK........ THATS WHAT I CALL A GOOD COMMUNITY AND A



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      I wonder if this will work with my problem? After my car is all warmed up and start driving to work, when i come to a stop light or something, the idle drops really low like it wants to turn off, then it goes back up, and repeats it self for about 30 seconds. But the wierd thing is, it doesnt do it all the time! Im confused. Any help would be apprectiated, thanks!!


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        Your a god walking among mortals.....This worked perfect for me thanks a bunch!


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          still bouncing

          Well I read this whole thread and noticed some of you have tighten the screw in the fitv and still have the problem, Well I followed all of these steps carefully as well and still have the same problem too. Since it's fluctuating when the car is warmed up , does that make it the iacv the problem. I'm stuck on this and it's driving me crazy!


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            nevermind for now!

            Well after more researching I'm gonna try cleaning the IACV first .I think that might also have to do with the terrible vibration I'm getting inside the cockpit.


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              i spent 2 weeks trying to fix my idle, i replaced the iacv twice($15 from junk yard), 3 different map sensors, replaced tps, timing and checked ignition system ...turns out it was the FITV, took it apart, screwed that donut shaped thing all the way in and backed it out about 2 - 2 1/2 turns, runs great. only took 5-10 minutes to do... thanks all for the help

              now that mine runs *right*, its time to start saving for that turbo...


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                I dont most much on here, but i must say this site is full of helpful information. Whenever I have a problem I come straight here and search for my answers , it's usually covered..... Thanks guys


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                  Just fixed my bouncing idle a couple of minutes ago by turning that plastic screw in the FITV.


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                    well i did this cleaned it and screwed the plastic all the way in bc it wasnt even screwed it wen i took it out....i put it back and like magic perfect idle about a week shit goes up to 3000+ i check it out again and the plastic was off the thread...i bought another one and it worked but everday the idle seems to rise jus a lil every day today it was 2grand........wtF can it be.....i cleaned the iavc already and didnt do much


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                      Thank you very much for this teg tip. I should of done this sooner.

                      Now when I start the car cold it does not jump to 2500 rpm then slowly go back down. Nor does it hover at 2000 rpm and then start bouncing. It starts at 1500 rpm, works its way to 1700 rpm then goes down nicely.

                      Also, when I turn the steering wheel during this warm up, the idle does not roam back up.

                      The hardest part is removing the cooling hoses from the unit.


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                        Thank you g2ic community for the resources to keep our g2s on the road. My idle was stuck at 2k rpm and the idle screw wasn't able to drop my idle. Did a quick search here, and replaced the iavc. The screen was completely clogged with carbon or something black. I thought the idle was fixed, until the rpms started to surge up and down from 1000 to 3000 rpms. Once the integra fully warmed up, the idle would rest at 900 rpm. Did another here, tightened up the plug on the fitv using my thumb and then voila. Now idles at 600 to 700 rpms.

                        Love you guys