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    Thanks guys, I am pretty proud of it. Its proof that anyone can do this as long as they give it a go. I do try to integrate things, I don't like mods that seem out of place and just chucked on the car.

    Bumper lights are stock, with the amber cubes removed. I need to find 2 new lenses if anyone knows where I can find them. I can only get JDM orange over here.

    It's an Xplod because it was the cheapest sub I had laying around, hehe. Getting the sub cutout perfectly round (with the help of body filler) and the carpet to mold nicely in the grille "depression" area meant alot of gluing and cutting, and I didn't want to destroy a better sub. The Sony's cone has a few transparent areas because of spilt glue.

    Output is pretty good, it has a fair bit of power behind it that helps, sound is similar to the same sub in a properly sized wedge style box. It lacks clarity when compared to my JL and sheer deep bass when compared to my Rockford though. The sub is run so quietly that it you only realise it is on after it is turned off completely and there's 'something' missing. I'm getting older and I've become a fan of Chesky recordings and jazzy stuff, so I don't need doof doof. Although it can thump but gets ragged at higher outputs. I still do need to adjust the amp's gain and crossover levels.

    It was sized to fit the available space, and as such i would say the box is way too small. I could have curved the panels closest to the spare, but I couldn't be bothered, hehe.

    Without sound deadening it rattled the car like crazy, so much so that I didn't bother continuing the project after the box was made. Trying the deadener was a good move. I don't know if I did a good thing by spraying it inside of the box as well, my logic was that more weight was better for it.

    It took me aaaages to do, pretty much because I have been extremely busy with work this past year. I would say it took up most of my spare time for around 4 solid weeks or so, a couple of hours here and there. I started last December and finished it in June this year. Much of it was trial and error though, and figuring out how to solve some problems.

    That's why I posted it up. If anyone is thinking of doing this, go ahead and ask questions. I may not have all the answers, or all the best answers, but it may give you another option or idea.
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      Very nice and CLEAN job for a CLEAN Teg..Keep up the great work...


        Very nice and clean. Something I've been thinking about doing as well, getting rid of the huge box and putting something smaller in so I can use my trunk better. With the seats down, the DA can amazingly hold a lot of stuff in the hatch.

        Good job. mad props to you.