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  • black smoke

    my cars been burning a lot of oil and when i sit still and rev the engine a little black smoke comes out the exhaust, not al ot but i do see some smoke.anyone know why

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    Black smoke has nothing to do with burning oil, rather unburned fuel.


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      check it more closely.. maybe its blueish.. if so.. then thas oil... check yoru oil level... does it get low often?


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        i wilcheck again but i'm sure it was black.So that means what? i changed the o2 sensore when i got the dc header and i changed the fuel filter and spark plugs.So why the black smoke and what does it mean.Anymore help is appreciated


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          the black smoke means you are running WAY rich..spend the cash, and get a dyno. the mods you just made are confussing your ECU.. and it is injecting too much fuel..also have them check the ignition spark plugs may be firing just before the fuel spray from the injector and therefore the duty cycle is to short for full combustion. but before you do all that.. start with a simple ECU reset.. might just fix it...i have fixed SO much by just resetting the ECU..hope all goes well.. but for real after all that moding you did... get a'll run great.. most dyno shops charge about 100 an will only need one hour..