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is this suppose to happen

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  • is this suppose to happen

    sorry if this question sounds really dumb but i just got this car so......

    ok, in my integra, the car is off, and the key is out of the ignition, and if i hit the buttons to move where the air blows out of, the lights turn on, and i can hear it move. also if i try to turn the a/c on, i can heard sumthing start humming in the engine. the air blower doesnt turn on though if i twist the knob. has anyone heard of this happening, it's very odd. and as i put in another post, the radiator fan turns on with the car off, if i plug it's harness in, and it wont shut off.

    my poor teg has many probs

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    if you're wondering it's not a relay problem or any of the sensors. the most probable malfunction is your fan timer. go to your local junkyard and get one for $50.