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bleeding break lines

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  • bleeding break lines

    i was replacing my front pads and one of my break fluid lines cracked, so i replaced the line and now i think i have air in there. how do i properly bleed the lines to get all the air out?

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    have someone pump the brakes and hold them down. Go to the brake and crack open the bleader valve with a 10mm wrench. The brake will drop to the floor have that person hold them there. When all the fluid comes out close the valve and repeat for each brake.


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      Abs help please..

      wassap everyone..

      since the topic is somethig about bakes, do thin you guys can help me out with my abs lght. I got my a 2nd gen integ but theonly prblem was that theabs light was on and that the abs wasn't kicking. i havnt cange my break pads yet but i will do it soon, but is there like something i have to work around, cause i herd that when the 2nd gen tegs brake pads get thin theres a magnet that hits the pads and the abs light goes on...

      thanks ya'll...late