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Blown Fuse / Taillights ?

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  • Blown Fuse / Taillights ?

    Okay, I just did a search on that, but I would like to share with you my specific problem:

    A couple months ago, my reverse indiglo gauges went out and I never checked up on it, because I was to lazy to pull out the dash. In any case, just 3 days ago, my taillights stopped working. The blinkers, reverse, and the braking lights works fine. I went straight to the fuse box by the dead pedal to check out what the problem was and I discovered that it was a blown fuse for the taillights and instrument panel. I replaced the the fuse couple times just to see if would fix the problem, but it blew the fuse again and again ( I replaced it and turn on my parking lights ). I decided there was a short somewhere, but I let my friend check it out for me anyways because I have no idea when it comes to wiring. My friend, after a few tries, got my taillights to light up and told me it was a bulb problem (Just turning the parking lights on to check if it worked or not. Right after, we tried tinkering with the indiglo gauges and he got that to work too. Thereafter I decided to move my car out of the garage, but upon turning the ignition on, it blew the fuse and the indiglo gauges and taillights stopped working again. He decided that somewhere in the car that there are two wires that are touching each other, but we didn't have time to figure out what was really wrong. So is my next step going to be checking the fuse box under the hood or go to a shop to get it fixed?

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    blownfuse taillight

    I 'm having the same problem;can't figure it out. If you find a solution PLEASE let me know. I hate not being able to drive my after dark.


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      Its most likely that your wires are crossed somewhere. There really is no easy solution but to go search through all your wirings. My best guess would be your indiglo gauge. I can try to provide some help by saying that the wires that are crossed are just hangin somewhere. Since all your lights worked while its in the garage and then it blew your fuse when you moved it.

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        yea dude def. check your indigos...make sure your ground wire is secure...and all of you 12V connection and (key on) connections are real right and well covered so they don't touch any other open wire...hope i helps, and good luck..
        Dan :p


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          This might or might not solve your problem, but i had a problem with my fog lights because they were like 75watts and the fuse couldn't handle it. Maybe your fuses can't handle the indiglo gauges? If you have stock taillights and stock bulbs, my suggestion is pointless. If I'm right, don't put a higher fuse in there that can cause more problems. HTH and I'm probably wrong, just wanted to help.
          Scott - 1991 Integra GS


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            blown fuse

            Think the switch is bad?


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              I guess so, I'm not really the guy to ask, I have know how the engine works but thats about it.
              Scott - 1991 Integra GS


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                blown fuse/ taillights

                Did you check behind your radio. If you installed a aftermarket radio one of you the wires not being used may be touching metal; unless you taped off all wires not being used. Thats where my problem was. Hope this helps.