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Rear strut bar fitment

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  • Rear strut bar fitment

    I'm wondering if this will fit on my 91 DA. I emailed them & the only information they had, was that it fits an EF. Researched and can't find enough info to be positive. Also, I'm looking for a sturdy, preferably one piece rear strut bar. Any advice is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    i have their bars. best on the market for sure.


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      is that pounds or euros or...something else jkubkd?

      I think when Ben ogle made bars for EF and DA he said the EF were shorter? That was a long time ago so I cant really remember.

      Also if I remember right, the DC/EG rear bars fit but you may need to drill out the mounting holes a little bit.

      I like explicit speeds and Ultra racing's bars though. Seems like Tegiwa might be the same.


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        Not sure about the currency type, but it would round out to about 190 US & I've decided to go with Explicit Speed Performance. Thanks for the help