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    Forceum Hexa Tires

    Being a brand I had never heard of and the limited reviews I see on the internet, I figured I'd detail my experiences with these on a G2.

    I was shown these when I purchased my 16" rims versus the cheapest available tire at that shop... cannot say for certain what I paid per tire myself as I haggled the shit out of the wheel shop to get a deal on my rims and tires. total cost was 750 out the door with wheels balanced and installed with the "Forceum Hexa 205/45 R16"

    My first impression was that I liked the tread pattern. It gave the impression this tire would handle descently in wet/dry conditions. Of course I was wary of these since I had never heard of them myself, but hey for the deal I got why the hell not give em a go...

    Well I have been driving on them about 2 weeks now, and gotta say I am impressed... we have had a couple rainy days, and driving in wet or dry conditions these tires performed well. outside of the initial break in where they were easier to burn out without effort, now these thigs stick VERY well... Road noise in my teg is greatly reduced and ride is one of the more comfortable rides I have felt in a tire.

    on a short mountain drive these things were able to cling to every turn I took even under harder braking & acceleration in & out of the turns. During the last couple rainy days I purposely tried to break them loose on wet pavement in a parking lot and it took a surprising bit of effort to do it.

    Even after the installation of my DC Sports Ceramic 4-2-1 header which has increased my low/mid range power exponentially... these tires are holding strong. It is safe to say they have left an excellent first impression with me for a budget tire. I have found a couple write ups from othrs using them on other car types that all have said similar feedback in their experiences. These have come as quite a pleasant suprise where I was half expecting just another cheap tire, I have come to find that I found a low cost higher performance tire great for daily driving, and good handling.

    I'll be sure to update this in the coming months to discuss tire wear and other points t note as these get more broken in. As of now under my first impression... I like these better than mid range Kumhos, and toyo's I have used previously on other hondas... I'd give them a 4.5 out of 5 easily...

    so they are pretty decent for a $68 tire?..well thats the price for them in my size lol

    edit, wow they are less than $300 shipped to my place..might try these out next time


      yeah justy to update this I was able to break em loose on the way to the office in the rain... Left early enough so traffic was light & took back roads.

      It wasn't exactly easy, & only uder hard acceleration in the first 2 gears and they hooked right back up after stering into slides.

      you definitely have to be driving like a total ass to wipe yourself on these. Grannted they are still in the wear in period, and every day I drive on em the ride quality improves handling wise and they grip a little better. Realistacally there isn't much more to say until I have driven on em for a few months to see where they stand later on down the line.

      still can't believ how quiet they ride overall compared to previously owned similar priced known brands. Also sseems these are getting quite popular over in australia with WRX and Evo owners... considering they have some excessively harsh road conditions over there I'll read that as a good thing.


        at the 5 month mark on these and am happy to report no issues, & still riding / wearing well... now that we are into drier weather I been pushing the car a little harder & cornering it more in the mountains... these tires are pretty solid... I also forgot to mention they appear to be a Z-Rated tire so can be used for higher speed applications as well. ( not that a 2nd gen would get up past 150 on the street with bolt ons anyways)