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Blue Magic Supreme Wheel & Tire Cleaner

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  • Blue Magic Supreme Wheel & Tire Cleaner

    this stuff is amazing. it literally eats away at whatever is on your wheels and leaves them looking great. its got a cool spray handle so your hand doesnt cramp up with the constant spraying.

    the process i use to get me wheels clean is simple. it takes about 10 minutes to do all 4 wheels.
    you start with this

    first i wet the the wheel with some water and back side of my sponge to get most of the surface stuff off using whats left of the soap in the bucket from washing the car. its not really important to get everything because the spray does all the work. i just get the bulk of the surface stuff off.

    then i spray it down with the water so there isnt any soap on it. after that, i spray a healthy coating all over the wheel making sure i get the entire thing.

    i wait about 30 seconds or so. you will be able to watch all the dirt and stuff just fall off the rims. then i use the back side of my sponge to wash the rim making sure to get every little corner. the bottle directions recommend you use high pressure water to rinse it off with. i put my nozzle head on jet and i figure thats sufficient. once its completely rinsed off and all the foam is gone, i use a microfiber cloth and dry the entire rims. you are then left with this.....

    i think its about 5$ a bottle and the last bottle i bought lasted me 2 washes. i may have used too much. i dont know how it will work on any other type of rim. since mine are powder coated, its being used on a painted surface. i dont know how it will work on aluminum or any other type of wheels. i would think the same though.