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    Hey guys, it is time to buy a torque wrench. I need to by it online since I'm outside the states now and I use a shipping forwarder. From your experience; what range is best to buy? should I buy two?? any specific brands...

    No option to rent, I'm buying and it has to be right because I'm shipping all the way to here.

    If anyone purchased on line before I'll appreciate a word.


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    I have Craftsman. They have always worked for me.
    I have the 3/8 an 1/2 microtork torque wrenches.
    The 1/2 inch one is $69.99 USD
    The 3/8 inch one is $69.99 USD
    Check out


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      I'm actually worried about the range. I remember that a valve cover job will need a torque wrench that can measure 7 ft.lbs while all these wrenches start at 20 ft.lbs How did you guys manage with that??


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        my roommate has one that is in Newton-Meters, but unfortunately he's away on winter break right now. I can find out what kind and where he got it when he gets back, but that's not for about 3 weeks yet. as for conversions, the Helms Manual has both N-M and ft/lbs for specifications. So I use my Craftsman for the larger jobs, going with ft/lbs, and for small stuff like the valve cover I use Eric's.


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          This is what I have. It works great, the range is 5-80 ft/lbs in .5 increments.



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            i just picked one up at the swap meet for 15bucks. no name, starts at 10lbs and in 1lb increments i think. i know never buy cheap tools, but these torque wrenches are built pretty beefy so i thought id try it. we'll see if it can actually do 100+ reliably
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              I actually have 3 torque wrenches.
              It really depends on how accurate you want to get your bolts torque down.

              One of mine is Craftsman in/lbs scale 3/8 drive.
              The second one is Husky 3/8 drive I bought from Home Depot. I use these two most of the time.

              The third one is el cheapo type I bought from Harborfreight. It is 1/2 drive and it can torque nuts/bolts up to 100 ft-lbs. I know it's not as accurate as the other 2 I have and I only use it to torque my lug nuts.


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                What impending work do you have for your car??? This will help determine what range torque wrench's to buy. If you have the torque specs for the tasks you will be doing then you really just need the websites to get them from right??

                Uh I am not trying to be a smart arse


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                  I have a Westward torque wrench .. works great (up to 140 lb-ft). And warrantied for life too.


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                      I have a MAC 3/8 drive measuring in inch-pounds. (For Sale) $200 new, selling for $100 (black anodized alum handle, clicker type, still have case, only 3 months old - MAC tools are warranteed for life too) but as far as the valve cover's 7lbs - no problem. Let me know


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                        ProjectGSR, what is the range on that?? Min to Max tourque? what is the increment of the range?