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Excedy Stg 1 or 6 Puk street ACT

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  • Excedy Stg 1 or 6 Puk street ACT

    Im runnin a 96 ls basically all stock except headers n intake muffler in my g2 teggy.. This is my daily i drive about 35 miles a day.. My clutch recently went so i gotta change it i was runnin a excedy stage 1 but my boys recommended A 6 puk .. which wld b better for my setup g2ic

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    My first DA I had was a stock B18A w/ bolt ons and I ran the Exedy Stage 1. Second DA I swapped in a B20 and used the Exedy Stage 1 with a JDM Type R flywheel. I'm fairly bias, but I would stick to the Exedy. As you should already know, it gives a nice stiff pedal feel and grabs pretty nice. I believe there was an Exedy OE replacement also, but that's not the one I've used.

    +1 for the Exedy Stage 1.


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      I have a stock motor, stock exhaust, SRI, lightened flywheel and GSR YS1 with an exedy stage 1. I love it, grabs amazing, but I havent tried the ACT so I guess I am biased as well...


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        I have had my exedy stage 1 with fidanza lightened flywheel on for about 5 years installed in my stock ls with bolt-ons grabbed really good and pedal felt nice. I also drive about 40 miles a day and still grabs hard. I really havent had experience with ACT on a DA but its great in my friends lsvtec DC it always had the same friction point and grabs really good. These are the two brands i would recommend.


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          Had a act 6 puck in my old da with a stock resurfaced flywheel. Motor was stock except crower stage 2 cams. Pulls hard and grabs hard but the 6 puk was a little to rough for street. It mostly did burn out but i took it out and sold it to my friend.