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Xtune headers?

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  • Xtune headers?

    I was on the redline product site, and i'm looking to replace my whole exhaust system. Headers back. I came across xtune that fits our 90-93 integra application. They are like $90, so I'm not sure what to think.

    Has anyone heard of or used these headers???

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    never heard of them but i checked em out and they dont have 90-93 integra headers there is 90-91, and 94+, they are only 80 bucks and that sounds cheap to me, idk sorry if im not more help


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      correct me if i'm wrong but isn't the exhaust manifold the exact same on 91 and 92 integras. There both B18a1.


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        They 'should' be the same.. But the point is, if they specify 90-91 rather than 90-93, then there is more-than-likely a reason. Call them and find out about it if you're interested in picking one up.


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          Yea very true there always a 'reason' behind specifying 90-91 and 92-93. I'll be sure to give them a call. I'll let you know what they say. If it fits im going to order them and run them on a dyno and i'll post the numbers I get compared to stock manifold.


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            I believe the 90-91 header has an O2 sensor bung on the upper half. The 92-93 only has an O2 sensor bung on the downpipe just before the cat. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe thats the difference.


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              you are exactly right sir