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San Diego Craigslist Rebuilt engines.

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  • San Diego Craigslist Rebuilt engines.

    anyone have any reviews on this guy?

    i texted him and he said all parts are replaced with genuine honda parts.

    what's your input on the 6 month warranty though?
    and should i pay the whole 900 for them to do the swap or is it something
    i can do with my neighbor who's a mechanic

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    my friend got his b18c1 rebuit by them and it ran like total crap, he returned it to the guy and got it back a month later and so far so good but I did notice oil leaking from the front main seal so he might take it back again.


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      Honestly dude, Dont buy an engine from them. If he was that legit dont you think he would have his own shop ? I purchased a motor from a guy on craigslist and got fucked over(it was stolen) cops took it. Get a motor from a legit seller that you can trust and have full faith in not some craigslist bs

      ^Comes with everything and no need of a core charge. and if you dont need a receipt he will not charge you tax. Take a buddy spend a day and go up and grab yourself a nice japan spec motor with low miles.

      Got mine from him. So professional. WILL NOT deal with any other motor shop other than hmotors.


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        i just saw that craigslist ad and was wondering the same thing.
        in for more reviews


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          yeah hmo is great i bought a right hand drive and was suprised on the care that was taken and they did not hack any thing and i am hoping i can get a motor this tax season for them


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            since only one person has dealt with him, i'm going to just go ahead and purchase one anyways. I'll be the guinea pig.... he does have a b18b, would that just bolt-on to what i have on my car already? i know i need an ecu and harness but anything else?