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bilstein hd's-input?

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  • bilstein hd's-input?

    thinking of grabbing a set of these coupled with some neuspeed race springs. anyone here tried them on their da? as always, appreciate your input

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    They work great but they are not a direct fit on a DA. You will need EG/DC front forks to run these. I have them on my car and will be selling the setup with 380lb f 340lb r springs on ground control sleeves. switching over to Ohlins and type R rear lowers. Im based in Washington State if you are interested. These are my favorite off the shelf shocks period and I've tried them all.

    Edit. Just bought 250lb springs for the rear and swap the 340s to the front. Gonna try that out and see how it works. I think the 380/340 setup is overpowering the shocks. I'll let you know how it goes.
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      hey, thanks for the reply. was actually thinking of trading some wheels to a guy locally who has the set. i already have the d2c forks on my blown ass setup. but what about the travel? isn't there a difference between da and dc2 travel?