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waiting period to list parts for sale

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  • waiting period to list parts for sale

    Is it possible for there to be some kind of waiting period and or post count to be able to post in the fs section? I've noticed a lot of new members sign up just to try and sell parts without posing anywhere else on the forum. Plus hopefully it would weed out scammers. I've noticed in another thread about the suggestion to tag all pics with screen names written on a piece of paper to help with knowing that person is selling that actual item.

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    Yes the waiting period is nice (kind of like a probation). Also the FS threads should be open to MEMBERS ONLY cause visitors or banned members can still freely access the threads and send texts or emails (if listed in the ad) and possibly scam us. All in all something needs to be done in the For Sale topics to protect our members.


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      Good idea on being visible to logged in members only. I also agree on a post count. If they don't contribute to the site in any other way why should we give them the privilege of selling parts and possibly scamming us. Post count display would also help.