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Parts needed:

JDM mirrors for DA6 Integra
JDM mirror switch
Relay box off a *DA6 Integra (12V DPDT PC relay from Radio Shack 275-0249)
22 awg wire
Soldering iron and related tools
Electrical tape or heat shrink
Paper clip
Wire loom

*Note: I used a relay box off a DA6 Integra and this diagram is setup with the DA6 relay box. I am not sure how to connect it using a Radio Shack relay, therefore refer to the instructions that comes with your relay on how to install it properly.


First disconnect the negative battery cable!

1. Remove the driverís side under dash panel by using a Phillips screwdriver and removing the three screws.

2. Reach under the dash and push the mirror switch out from behind.

3. Behind the USDM mirror switch is a green harness with seven colored wires. On the JDM mirror switch the same harness is used with the exception of one extra wire, which is the blue/yellow wire. This wire sends the signal to the mirrors to fold them. Using a paper clip pull back the terminal retainer and take the blue/yellow wire out of the JDM harness and insert it into the USDM harness.

4. Get a pair of 22 awg wires and estimate the length required to run a pair of wire to each mirror. You should have one pair running from the switch to the driver side mirror and another one running to the passenger side mirror.

5. Remove the door panel ( I am not mentioning how to do this considering you already know how to).

6. Route one set of wires to the passenger side door and the other side to the driverís side door. I used the hole where there are other wires going through the door into the car's cabin. Remove the rubber gasket that is used to house all of the other wires going into the door. I routed the wiring under the carpet just behind the kick panels to the driver's side from the passenger side.

7. Remove the USDM mirror by taking off the triangle mirror cover with a flat head screwdriver by prying it off and snapping it out of place. Three Phillips head screws are now exposed. Use one hand to hold the mirror and remove the screws.

8. The USDM mirror harness has three wires unlike the JDM harness, which has five wires. On the JDM mirrors swap out the JDM harness and use the USDM harness.

Note: The JDM harness will not fit into the plug, therefore switching harnesses is required. Remember to place the correct color of wires in the same order they were. It would be a good idea to write down the order before swapping takes place as a precaution. The two extra wires that are not used in the harness will be the ones connected to the relay to fold the mirrors in and out.

The following diagram is for the USDM harness. The wiring order for the harness is in the direction of the release clip being on top.

*Note: The little notch on the picture below indicates this release clip.

(L) Side Mirror

A = yellow/white

B = yellow/red

C = yellow/black

(R) Side Mirror

A = yellow/white

B = blue/green

C = blue/black

9. Connect the negative battery cable to test mirror's operation.

10. Repeat steps for the other mirror.

 Use the wiring diagram below to connect the wires to their appropriate counterparts. You only need to connect the relay and the new blue/yellow wire plus the two extra wires on each JDM mirror, all other wires are connected already, but the diagram gives full explanation as to how things are connected.

Main Switch

a = blue/yellow

b = blue/black

c = yellow/black

d = yellow/white

e = blue/green

f = yellow/red

g = black/yellow

h = black

Relay Box

1 = blue

2 = white/blue

3 = blue/yellow

4 = black

5 = blue/red

(L) Side mirror

A = white/silver dots

B = black

C = yellow/black

D = yellow/red

E = yellow/white

(R) Side mirror

A= black

B = white/silver dots

C = blue/black

D = blue/green

E = yellow/white


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