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Fixing Wet Passenger-Floor-Board

1st go to Acura or Honda and order qty 8 of part number 91608-SJ6-003. It is a small white rubber seal. They cost about $ 2.50 each 2nd remove the wiper arms and the wiper motor cowl. The wiper cowl is the long black panel under the wiper arms. Pop out the black circles and unscrew the white clips. You may also have to pull out the plastic pins under the rubber seal on the firewall side of the cowl. The panel is cumbersome. Use caution not to break the ends near the hood hinges. After you remove the cover there is another black cowl on the passenger side. This cowl covers the passenger cabin air intake. The leak is coming from the black plastic push screws that hold that cover on. When you remove the cover you can see the seals in the holes that the push screws were in. The rubber seal dry-rots over time and the sides split open. Water leaks in one drop at a time and adds up quickly. Once you have replaced the seals you should be leak free for another 9-10 years.

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